Inexpensive Gifts for Men With Expensive Hobbies


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It is a great feeling to buy a gift for someone you love and respect. There is something about making someone else happy that is so intoxicating. However, choosing the right gift can turn out to be complicated, especially, if the person is a man of expensive taste. People tend to spoil men with accessories, gadgets, liquor and video games. They resort to these cliché presents when they run out of well thought out ideas. We have put together a couple of thoughtful suggestions about which inexpensive gifts you can get that special man, and put a smile on his face.

Car Racing Gloves

What is more manly than the love for fast cars? If the man in question is a fan of speed and car racing, he has good taste. The risk involved and the determination to beat time drives car racing fanatics wild. It is, however, an expensive hobby, which requires an expensive and customized car, membership to a track and a special gear for racing. Fortunately, part of the attire includes car racing gloves which you can get him for as little as $20.

Ear Protection for the Shooting Range

If he does not love fast cars, then he must be shooting. If he is a shooting range enthusiast, forget about firearms. There is a cheaper gift you can buy him, earmuffs. Ear protection is crucial while shooting. Earmuffs are readily available and also affordable.

Cowboy Hat

Horseback riding can be pretty expensive, especially if you are the owner of the stable. It is, however, a thrilling experience to be in a natural setting with a majestic animal to get you around. If your guy is a horse fun, you can get him a cute cowboy hat for a few dollars. You only need to get his color right, and you have a brilliant gift that will light up his face.

Drone Backpack

Drone racing is the exciting sport of the future. It is a sport that has amassed a significant enthusiastic following. Controlling a small aircraft around obstacles while trying to beat your opponents is guaranteed to give an electrifying experience. Drones are quite expensive. Therefore it is essential to take good care of one. You can buy a drone backpack as a gift for the drone lover, to keep his drone in good condition for a long time.

A Classic Investment Book

Despite being complicated to many, investing is a hobby to some people. What is more exciting than watching your money multiply? The daunting task is the skill and discipline required to get it right. Investing also requires that you have enough cash in the first place. There are several forms of investment; real estate, the stock market, government securities, the forex market, among many others. Buying him a classic investment book can be a very thoughtful idea. You can search online for recommendations on the best investment books of all time.

An Electric Wine Bottle Opener

Entertaining one’s guests is an activity that excites a gentleman, and at the same time offers him incredible social benefits. Hosting a cocktail party is quite demanding, especially if you want your guests to have an unforgettable experience. People hosts parties for various reasons. Some do it for professional reasons, while others do it for fun. An electric wine bottle opener is a cheap gift that will help the guy with his desire to keep his friends entertained.

Multi-Purpose Shoe Cleaner

Does your guy love collecting shoes? Some men have a towering pile of shoe collections, from casual ones like sneakers and moccasins to more formal pairs like derbies, brogue shoes, and oxfords. Having many shoes means more cleaning. Because of the variety, one may end up buying different types of shoe cleaners. The better option is to buy him a multi-purpose shoe cleaner, that can cater for a variety of shoes. You can go online and investigate the best brands.

Golf gloves

Golf is a sport loved by many, but not understood by many more. It is synonymous with a luxurious lifestyle. It is among the most expensive hobbies on the planet. Golfers spend a fortune in golf attire, equipment, club memberships, and competition fees. However, it is still an exciting sport that people use to build networks and relax too. Golf gloves go for as low as $ 17.

Customized hobby T-Shirt

You can order a customized t-shirt with the name of the hobby on it. The advantage of this is you can get creative and come up with an exceptional gift. If he loves car racing, you can have his favorite car printed on the t-shirt. If he is into aircraft, you can get him an aviation t-shirt with a pilot quote and a picture of a plane. There is just something manly about men who wear t-shirts with pilot innuendo. A t-shirt can go for as low as $20, but still, look classy. It is a thoughtful gift to consider.

Camera Bag

Traveling is another hobby that can be quite expensive. Moving around the world is something that most people dream of, but few manage to accomplish. It requires proper financial planning and a step out of one’s comfort zone. It will cost you some good cash, but it is gratifying. You get to see new places and meet new people from different cultures. You also enjoy great scenery and sometimes see wildlife you would have only watched on TV. Most travelers carry with them photography equipment to capture those special moments. You can get the man a camera bag for a few dollars and enrich his travel experiences.

Motorcycle Goggles

People who ride motorbikes will tell you that having a bike is not a need but an obsession. A good sports bike can cost between $ 5,000 and $ 10,000, or more depending on the brand. You can get the rider some matching motorcycle goggles for his riding escapades.

There you have a few suggestions you can consider for a man’s gift. Ensure that you get his hobby right and a few other things like his favorite color and size. You need to be thoughtful and know what he loves.


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