Pocket-Sized Devices That Are Perfect for a Fun Night Out on the Town


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After a long week, you are ready to chill with your dudes or go on a really nice date with your special someone. You might go see a movie, grab dinner, throw back a beer or head to a club, or maybe a combo of these ideas.

While you haven’t quite decided what you want to do this weekend, you do know that a number of handy little gadgets will help your night out be as fun as possible. The following pocket-sized devices are perfect for a night out, whether it’s with your girlfriend or a group of guys.

myblu Vape Pen and Pod

If you enjoy vaping, you probably know how bulky many vape devices can be. The last thing you want is for the vape to poke you in the leg all night as you try to keep it in your front pocket. To avoid this unpleasant scenario, you may want to try a sleeker yet sturdy device like the myblu vape device. This ultra-compact device delivers the high performance you like with none of the hassle; you can also purchase myblu INTENSE liquidpods that come in a number of tastes; the one-click pods allow you to switch flavors in mere seconds, and when you are ready to head inside the movie theater or coffeehouse, you can easily tuck the myblu into your pocket.

Tile Slim

There is nothing worse than enjoying a great dinner and drinks with your special girl only to find that your wallet is AWOL when you are ready to pay your bill. Wallets can get lost in the shuffle during a fun night on the town, and they are notorious for slipping out of your jacket pocket. To help keep tabs on your wallet and all of its important contents, you may want to slip a Tile Slim inside your wallet. If it goes missing, you can use the Tile app on your smartphone to see a map that shows where the wallet is located.

Small Phone Charger

You definitely need your smartphone to be up and running while you are out on the town. From calling for an Uber or Lyft to looking up showtimes at a movie theater, that handheld computer of yours cannot run out of juice. To prevent this from happening, bring along a small phone charger like the Jackery Mini. This portable charger is the size of a lipstick tube and can charge up a variety of smartphones. Prior to heading out with your friends, charge the portable device; it can recharge even the deadest smartphone quickly and wherever you are.

Mini Portable Speaker

If you enjoy listening to music, a mini Bluetooth speaker can keep you connected to the latest tunes at all times. For instance, the Mini Bluetooth Speaker with FM radio by iFox Creations works with smartphones and tablets, and is pocket-sized for convenience. If you have planned a romantic picnic under the stars, you can hook up the small and portable speaker to your phone and enjoy your fave tunes with your sweetie; it will connect to any Bluetooth-enabled device in mere seconds.

You work really hard, so you deserve some fun and stress-free downtime on the weekends. Thanks to compact and portable devices, you can enjoy some relaxing vaping time, not worry about losing your wallet or your phone running out of battery and kick back to some amazing tunes — all with four devices that are super small and easy to use.


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