2017 Father’s Day Gift Guide


Father’s Day can be challenging when buying gifts, but as guys we can just look for stuff we like as well! Sometimes a good steak dinner or a nice bottle of booze will work perfectly, but we’ve listed some ideas to help you with your shopping list.


Portable Bluetooth speakers provide a great way to enjoy music, and having one that’s portable and also solar-powered is even better. Check out the lineup from ECOXGEAR, including the Sol Jam we tried out. The sound is fantastic and you can’t match the convenience of a speaker that can always get charged by sunlight when you’re off camping or out on a hike. It’s also 100% waterproof with a rugged design so it’s meant for the outdoors. It’s a great gift for anyone who loves the outdoors. Check out the various options here.

Victorinox Ranger Wood 55

A beautiful pocket-knife will probably put a smile the face of most guys, so this is always a great gift idea. Victorinox makes high-quality products such as knives, watches, travel gear and more. Check out the Ranger Wood 55 Swiss Army knife which features ten functions, a large lock blade and elegant wood scales.

Anything from Shinola

Shinola makes beautiful products, and they make them in Detroit. Buying American is important to many, but quality and design are also very important. Their watches are amazing, as are their bikes and leather bags and accessories. Browse their online store and you get tons of great ideas!

Misfit Ray

There are all types of fitness trackers out on the market, and these make for great gifts, particularly for men who either want to get fit or should be monitoring their activity and fitness habits. Monitoring your physical activity is a great idea for everyone, and in many cases it’s just a matter of finding the right gadget that fits that person’s lifestyle and sense of style.

The Misfit Ray is a unique device as it’s a wearable focused on design and style, so it tracks your vitals and sends the info to an app on your phone where you can track everything. So if someone wants to track everything on a watch-like device, another option would be better. But this one looks more like a cool accessory and can work for guys looking for something different.

If you have a much larger budget, the Peloton Exercise Bike is a great gift idea for someone looking to enjoy demanding workouts from home.

Heat Holders Worxx Socks

It’s warm now, but eventually winter will return, and anyone who enjoys the outdoors in the winter will appreciate warm socks. They can make life much more comfortable whether you’re at a December football game, shoveling the snow or out hunting.

Heat Holders are the USA’s leading thermal sock brand with excellent quality at a great price. We tried a pair and you could immediately tell how warm these socks will keep you. Their “Worxx” line of socks are proven to be more durable with a new reinforced heel and toe feature. If you’re looking for a simple gift that most dads will appreciate, these socks offer a great option.

For more gift ideas, check out some of the products we’ve featured in recent posts, like G/Fore golf gear, Soundcast Bluetooth speakers, leather messengers bags from Folk, and luggage from Expanse.

You can also browse our gift guides from years past for more ideas.


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