Buffalo Leather Messenger Bag by Folk


This beautiful, hand-crafted messenger bag from Folk offers a unique and versatile option for a wide variety of settings. The classic and authentic look and feel of this bag will certainly stand out and be admired by anyone who appreciates classic design and quality craftsmanship.

The first thing we noticed when our sample arrived was a smell of quality leather. Folk bags are crafted from full grain Buffalo leather which isn’t sanded or dyed during the tanning process. The result is a bag with a natural weathered feel. Buffalo leather is the same type of leather that horse saddles and leather work boots are made of. It’s durable with a unique grain pattern and higher density. Solid brass is used for the buckles and rivets. This back could be tossed back in time over 100 years and it would fit right in.

The Buffalo Leather Messenger Bag features five custom compartments to store all your gear, with easy storage for a laptop up to 15” along with a tablet, notebook, phone, business cards and more. All the compartments are made with leather – you won’t find any cheap materials in this bag.

Folk stands behind their bags with a 100-year guarantee, so this is one item you’ll be able to pass down.

Whether you’re often in rugged setting or in more standard business settings, the Buffalo Leather Messenger Bag will fit right in as you can see from the photos. Check out the Folk website for more information and photos along with a video about the bag.


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