CD Review of Putting The Days To Bed by The Long Winters

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Putting The Days To Bed
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Released: 2006
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Have you ever seen the movie “A Christmas Story”? Do you remember the part where Ralph turns in his paper on what he wanted for Christmas and is dreaming about the teacher grading papers? She’s just tossing F’s on every paper ‘cause they suck until she gets to Ralph’s paper about the B.B. gun he’s macking on, and she freaks and thinks it’s the best paper she’s ever read? This record is like the teacher’s response to Ralph’s paper, but he never wakes up. In other words, this record is incredible. It’s giving me the strength to move on and hope for a better day. If I had to suffer through one more shitty record tonight, I was going to jump out my window. Seriously. I was teetering.

My man John Roderick has got the sharpest pen in the game right now, and has for years. And if you’re doing your homework, I told you this record was going to kick ass when I talked about it in my review of the Starlight Mints. I hope these guys get the props they deserve on this release. I mean, they opened for Keane last year on a ton of dates. You know that most of those shows sold out. So if you saw them but you’re over Keane now, grab this on release day. And go see them again, ‘cause they get better every time they play a show.

Damn. On “Hindsight” he sings the line “If you’re my anchor then I’m throwing you over the side.” Dude. This band is the embodiment of greatness. I got this record for free (‘cause I review records) and I’m even going out to buy it again.

Maybe it’s the fact that John sings so convincingly. Not many people pull that off with true vigor these days. That’s probably because most new bands are completely full of shit. Or maybe it’s the fact that the Long Winters and their arrangements are better than perfect. Whatever it is, they do it better than most.

And kids, if nothing else, we must learn from our history. Therefore, go out and buy their previous records. Although, don’t do it all at once. The next time you’re in a record store and you have since bought this record and you can’t find anything that’s worth spending your hard-earned cash on, pick up any one of their previous releases. It truly is like Christmas. And you won’t lose an eye. I promise.

~Josh Preston