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El Presidente
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Released: 2006
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Did Mexico ever get a new president? I remember seeing that there was a touch of political unrest south of the border, but I blacked out before the outcome was announced. If they haven't yet filled that position, Dante Gizzi of El Presidente could truly pick up where Vicente Fox left off. Listen, even though Dante is Scottish and sings like Marc Bolan, I think it could work. Actually, I think it would more than just "work," It's like they say: "Music is a universal language." So while the Mexican economy would probably disintegrate and thousands of people would die, they'd be shakin' their asses and looking totally fly in the process. Shit, do people say "fly" to describe something as being "cool" nowadays? You kids with your crazy rock music. Yeah, these guys aren't afraid to get their groove on and rock in the process. They've toured the world already. Apparently, they're pretty big in France. That's bad ass. France has a happenin' hip-hop scene right now, and Ed Banger is cranking out some great records. I can see how this record could catch on fire over there. Actually, what the hell do I know about the musical tastes of the French? Moving on.

So I sometimes like to goof on cats like this, but I do appreciate a band that thinks wearing jeans and t-shirts onstage is a slap in the face to their audience. There's an inherent beauty in the "Grand Ole Opry" fashion mentality (Insert "mad ups" to Little Jimmy Dickens here). El Presidente embodies the proverbial "good time". They kinda do the pop thing but not in a condescending way. They make music fun but it does have an occasional dark side. Although, it's a soft dark side. Like Marilyn Manson's kitten named Scratches. I totally just made that up.

Back to El Presidente. They're the musical equivalent of bubble gum and scratch 'n sniff stickers, but that's not a bad thing. I bet they probably party pretty hard after the show but they probably also call their moms a bunch, too. They're never late for dinner. Actually, they look really thin so they probably don't eat. It's tough to be a musician and also eat. The only dude that pulled off eating and touring was B.B. King, but he got diabetes. Musicians shouldn't eat. It's bad for their health.

~Josh Preston