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As Tall as Lions
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Released: 2006
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So I ate a sandwich the size of my upper thigh and I needed to lie down. I know. They say it's not good to lie down right after you eat, but it feels SSSOOO good, and since I'm just lying here, I figured I'd knock out a few reviews. I need some way to pay for the lipo (and additional sandwiches). I know, it's a new year and I should be exercising and eating right. Whatever, I stuck to the resolution for three or so days. I consider that an accomplishment. Now if I could only spell the word accomplishment without spellcheck, but I digress.

I popped in this record and I started listening to it through my crappy computer speakers, but something kinda caught my ear so I had to get up and get headphones. Listen, anyone that knows me knows what a lazy bastard I am, and the fact that I got up should speak volumes for the greatness of this record. Folks, I honestly was not ready for this.

Now, I'm going to throw out band names in a small effort to draw similarities to As Tall as Lions. Bands like Doves, Ours, Wayne, Longview and Marjorie Fair. Hell, I'm even going to toss a bit of Jeff Buckley in the mix. At this point, I'm sure you're either into the aforementioned bands and are like, "Preston, you're totally fully of shit." Or the rest of you are like, "Dude, do you ever not listen to records all day long?" In response to these questions I say: I'm totally not kidding and these guys are on par if not better in some respects than all of the bands listed above. And yes, all I do is listen to records all day. I sometimes break up the monotony with occasional video game.

I hit, but I couldn't find any bio. Bummer. Part of me is hoping they’re not a Christian band but even if they were, I could give less than a shit. This is a really great way to start off the new year. I totally had this year pegged as a turd ball as far as music and new releases were concerned, but this album has reinvigorated my hope in rock. Fuck, I just got the chills. Damn it, I love it when that happens!

~Josh Preston