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One Girl Revolution
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Released: 2007
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Sometimes the songs on a new record are so warm and inviting, they are like sitting in your own living room while sipping a cocktail, getting a massage, and watching SportsCenter all at the same time. Okay, that may be getting a little carried away, but if you listen to the new album from Ohio-based rock band Saving Jane, One Girl Revolution, you’re going to get that feeling. The songs on the band’s sophomore effort are like a proverbial songwriting clinic because they have a beginning, middle and end; and powerful, hooky choruses that will soar way above your ears.

Saving Jane also has hottie lead singer Marti Dodson (no, there is no one named Jane in the band). Dodson and her band debuted a couple of years back with Girl Next Door, and though the album was a modest hit, it didn’t quite catapult them into superstardom. With One Girl Revolution, Saving Jane has turned up their amplifiers and fine-tuned their knack for writing hit songs.

“What I Didn’t Say” is so made for radio, you could almost let it walk up the charts by itself, and the title track is edgy enough to experiment with different arrangements but catchy enough to draw comparisons to great female-fronted rock bands like Heart or Scandal. “Nicotine” is a sexy anthem that compares a relationship to the need for cigarettes – it’s not like that hasn’t been done before, but it’s still a great track. “Better Day” has that same acoustic guitar progression that may be directly copped from Natalie Imbruglio’s “Torn,” and “Writing on the Wall” is another powerful summertime rocker.

By the time you get to the simple beauty of piano ballad “Grace,” you start to realize that this is one special album. “From the Sky” soars as well, and while “Loser” and “Far From Home” don’t quite measure up to the rest of the album, they are still adequate enough to make this a very complete set. There are also a lot of breakup and jilted lover references in the lyrics, something that always makes for good angry rock songs – and Saving Jane also weaves enough hooks into the tunes to give them more impact.

Girl Next Door set the table, but One Girl Revolution certainly has enough solid tracks to catapult Saving Jane to much greater heights, with or without a major label.

~Mike Farley