An Introduction to Online Poker


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When you think about casino games, one of the first that has to come to mind is poker. That’s because of just how popular it is with players around the world — with an estimated 120 million people enjoying the game online, and many more playing it at land-based casinos.

The game of poker has also been a key part of popular culture, and has been featured in films, tv shows, music videos, song lyrics and more. Poker chips have become synonymous with casino games, and the World Poker Tournament (and others like it) are watched by millions of people every year.

In this article, you’ll get an introduction to online poker and just what’s made it so popular over the past few decades. Whether you’re new to poker gaming in general or looking to make a move from land-based to an online setting, read on to find out everything that you need to know about this brilliant game.

How poker came about

The game that we know and love today as poker actually has been around for centuries, having crossed cultures and continents over almost one thousand years. Many historians believe that the game originates to a domino game that was enjoyed by a Chinese emperor back in the 10th century.

A game that is closely linked to poker was played in France during the 17th century. Called Poque, this game was brought to North America by French colonists, and spread through the country due to its popularity by those working on riverboats. The variation of the game that’s one of its most popular, Texas Hold’em, began its rise in the 1970s and is the featured game in the World Series of Poker. During the 1990s, poker spread across the United States and in the 2000s it reached new heights when tournaments were shown on satellite tv. Soon, professional poker players became something of celebrities, which encouraged more people to try out the game.

The internet boom of the 1990s had a massive impact on poker too. Live poker games played online have brought the game to more people than ever before, who can access it at their convenience through their desktop computer, laptop, tablet or mobile. With new generations learning and enjoying this classic game, and even playing it with other people around the world.

Key features to online poker platform

If it’s the first time you’re accessing an online poker platform then the experience might be a little overwhelming. It doesn’t however, take long to get used to it and become familiar with how everything works. Many of these platforms are designed specifically to be accessible to players and offer a smooth user journey.

Here are some of the key features you might find when accessing a poker platform.


Promotions – like sign up bonuses, offers and loyalty programmes – are one of the ways that poker platforms online keep their customers returning time and time again. Stay on the lookout for these and be sure to utilise them if they’re available as they usually consist of more play time or money to use.

Customer support

The best poker platforms will help you whenever you need it and offer excellent customer support. This can come in the form of an online live chat, email or helpline should you have any questions or an issue might arise when you’re playing, making a deposit, withdrawing your winnings and more. The top poker apps and websites will have access to this help at any time, with quick responses and solutions to whatever problem you might have or question that’s come up.

Quick and easy games

Most poker platforms will have quick and easy games to get players involved right away. They’re perfect if you’re on the go or just getting into poker and don’t take a lot of time, commitment or energy.

Educational resources

Many websites and apps will offer educational resources to help you to improve your game. Unlike some other games like online slots, playing poker well does require some strategy, so it’s always worth reading up on tips, rules and ways to improve your game. Part of the fun of poker and its appeal to so many is that you can get better at it over time, which can lead to more winnings and a healthier bank roll too!


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