Dressing Hacks Every Man Should Know


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Are you interested in looking effortlessly smart and dashing among the crowd while still on an affordable budget? Well, here are a few tricks and hacks from Rains Apparel to keep in mind.

Fitted pant styles

Is it not a wonder when certain people shop the same items you shopped and stand out in them while you look like they were hand-me-downs in them? For instance, men pants; you sometimes purchase these pants, and they literarily look like they have got ears on the hips when you walk. It can give you an awkward look too. This either happens when you wear your pants too close to the hips, or you got pants with the wrong pocket size or pants a size or two smaller than your comfort size. When next you shop for pants go for western or front pockets, they do not tend to flare out like the vertical pocket styles will do, especially when you purchased your pant size bigger or smaller.


This is a common dressing problem for most men. You bring out a shirt from the hanger and it looks like it already has shoulders of its own. It is simple actually, continuously hanging shirts, especially knitted shirts, will cause this to happen. To prevent this, knitted shirts which include your T-shirts, polos and sweaters should be folded instead of hanged. Woven fabrics such as dress shirts or button-downs should, however, be hanged. This is because knits stretch much more easily than woven fabrics.


The easiest way to look classy is in monochrome. If you cannot pull off a monochrome look, pick a background color and have other accessories you choose be of the same color family or palette. For a semi corporate look, for instance, you could pick a sky-blue shirt and navy trouser, deep blue socks, black belt, black shoes and cufflinks. Playing around with too many colors is not classy and only attracts attention, it does not command it. Shirts that are of high quality and at affordable prices may be difficult to find. However, the Rains apparel has got cool and classy apparel for men that will give you some good wardrobe inspirations.


When picking out socks, go for stockings that blend well with your shoes and trousers. It would be just wrong when you pick a color-popping sock simply because you like it and not check whether it blends with your pants or shoes. Rather than paying attention to you, people will most likely be drawn to the colored socks before even looking at your face!

To protect the dye, wash your jeans inside out

According to experts, we rarely need to wash our jeans, but when the occasion demands, washing jeans or other pieces of denim the right way matters. Washing your jeans or raw denim inside out helps to avoid the breaking in process and as well maintain the dye quality.


Accessories are just perfect for lifting an outfit to a whole new level. Accessories like quality bags, cufflinks, cardholders, watches and pocket squares go a long way to uplift an outfit from simple and basic to classy and powerful. Rains apparel gives you quality and classy items at affordable price points.


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