4 Ways to Look Put Together Without Trying


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Style can be a struggle, especially with so many passing trends blowing by each month. Some people somehow manage to look on style and put together at all times, whether they’re heading out for a beer, on a date or even just at the gas station.

Looking your best isn’t just for special occasions, but it can feel like a whole lot of effort to achieve the optimal look every day without taking ages to style an outfit and make sure you look your best. Here are our suggestions to get you there, no fuss.

Invest in Staples

When your wardrobe is full of good quality, classic items, it’s hard to go wrong. Some staple items for both men and women to have in their closets include a few good pairs of denim jeans, basic T-shirts and button-up shirts, turtleneck sweatshirts, an open trench coat and leather boots. These are pieces that will likely never go out of style and can be paired up with trendier items if you’d like.

When you have a wardrobe full of timeless (and comfortable) clothing, you’ll struggle less with what to wear and how to match everything together.

Fit the Bill

The way your clothing fits you has a far bigger impact on your overall look than what you might imagine. When your clothes fit well, they’re more flattering and you’ll feel more comfortable which ultimately leads to a boost of confidence. Feeling confident in yourself and your style is an important part of feeling and looking put together! Make sure to opt for styles and cuts that suit your face, figure and style, and visit a tailor if necessary to ensure that each piece you own is tapered to your own body and no one else’s.

Create a Uniform

Having your own personal style uniform is the easiest way to simplify your look and make sure you never struggle to get ready in the mornings. Your personal uniform should include styles that you like wearing and feel confident in. Whether this is a more smart casual look, or a simple jeans and T-shirt combo, having your own personal uniform will take the guesswork out of shopping and styling your look each day.

This doesn’t need to mean that you wear the exact same outfit every day, but rather let your style uniform serve as a framework on which you can build your outfits.


Yes, men need a self-care routine too. This means maintaining facial hair and eyebrows, taking care of your skin and having a haircut that suits you and that you know how to style quickly and easily. Keeping your fingernails trimmed and taken care of is another element that shouldn’t be forgotten – and a manicure isn’t out of the question either. Doing the basics to take care of yourself and your body is a great first step to looking put together and like you have things all figured out, even if it doesn’t feel like it.


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