Five Tips for Watch Buying on a Budget


Everyone loves a dazzling timepiece. For all watch lovers, the dream is to wear watches that will wow their friends and colleagues. However, not every watch enthusiast can afford to buy the expensive high-end watches. Does this mean you can’t get to grace your wrist with a beautiful accessory?

As long as you know what to look for and where to shop from, then you too can own a stylish watch. While it might not have the price tag that resembles the high-end watches, it will boast quality that borderline matches that of top-brand watches.

Here are five watch buying hacks to buy a beautiful watch on a budget:

Buy a Pre-Owned Watch

If you are looking for men’s watches on a tight budget, then you better look in the direction of pre-owned watches. The core principle behind pre-owned watches is similar to that of used cars. Once a high-end watch loses its value some years after being bought, most owners might dispose them to buy new ones, but that doesn’t mean that the watch has ceased to function.

In most cases, such owners would love to keep up with the current trends. You can, hence buy such watches in lieu of a new watch of the same type. While you will miss on the manufacturer’s warranty, the experience you will get from the watch is by no means any different from someone who bought it new.

Go For a Timeless Piece

Designers tend to make their watches with the current fashion trends in mind to reach out to as many fashion-forward individuals as possible. Like every other trend, however, fashion trends tend to fade pretty quickly. Within one year or so, what was once a trendy watch will go out of style as people move on to the next one.

Instead of being one of those guys who wears a watch that was trending three years ago, go for one that promises to remain relevant for a long time. Why not work with the classic watches? Other than radiating elegance, these watches are bound to add some spark to your outfit without raising any eyebrows.

Be Economical with the Straps

From workout to official watches, timepieces tend to come with different intended functions. You cannot use an official watch with a leather strap for swimming as the leather will get damaged. Similarly, wearing a workout watch with a tuxedo will most likely raise some eyebrows. In most cases, people will have to buy a watch for each function, one for swimming, and jogging, and another one for casual dinner events.

When on a tight budget, however, buying multiple watches might not be a luxury that you have. Luckily, you have another option of purchasing a single watch and using different straps on it to revamp its appeal depending on the function you want to attend, according to Esquire. For instance, you can use plastic straps for casual events and leather straps for formal events. You can then buy a different watch for sports and working out.

Make Constant Visits to Watch Forums

Watch enthusiasts often love talking about their timepieces and any other new pieces that might be around. Online forums happen to be among the best places to quench their thirst to speak to people with whom they have a mutual understanding. Often, these forums contain buyers and sellers in equal measure.

Other than being an excellent source of pre-owned and vintage watches, forums tend to have sellers who might be willing to sell amazing watches at pocket-friendly prices. The trick is knowing what to look for and when to look for it. In most cases, setting Google Alerts for the watch you desire will ensure that you are informed anytime a person posts something about it.

Choose a Vintage Watch

In case you are interested in a dazzling watch with a deep backstory, a lasting appeal and a pocket-friendly price tag, walk the vintage path. Vintage watches tend to date back many years ago and might have been passed down from one generation to the next in particular families. Such watches are given enough care to look as good as new and can often be bought by anyone on a strict budget.

To gauge what vintage watch will tickle your fancy, do some research in online watch forums to get some backstory on a couple of watches. However, be cautious when buying a watch with pieces that stand out to ensure that it is intact. While it might be tough to find a person who can repair some of the vintage watches in the world, the flip side is that it can be breathtaking to realize that you own a one-of-a-kind watch.


Budgetary constraints should never be an excuse for not owning a classy watch. All it takes is some improvising on your side to add some dazzle into the overall appeal of your ordinary outfit. Consider using the above tips to increase your chances of buying a great watch despite your budget.


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