R.I.P. Roger Moore


Sir Roger Moore passed away yesterday at the age of 89. Moore will be long remembered for taking over the role of James Bond in 1973 with “Live and Let Die.” Few actors could have taken over this role from Sean Connery and made it all his own, but Moore fit the character perfectly with his natural British elegance. He played the iconic role for twelve years through seven films. Fans will argue over which actor was best in the role of Bond, but that doesn’t really matter. Moore entertained a generation with

As you would expect, tributes to Moore have been plenty since his passing, and many paint the picture of a kind and gentle man who was also an ambassador for UNICEF. One of my favorite stories is here.

We’ve been covering all the Bond films from the beginning, and our “one by one” review made it up to Moore debut in “Live and Let Die. You can find all of our Bond coverage at our Bond fan page.

Apart from working with all the lovely Bond girls, part of the fun of playing Bond had to be all the amazing cars . . .

Finally, you can find a tribute to Sir Roger Moore in a podcast here from JamesBondRadio.com.


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