Corona ring girls spice up Mayweather-McGregor fight


Opinions about last night’s fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor were all over the place even before they entered the ring last night after months of endless hype. The fight turned out to be pretty entertaining, giving MMA and McGregor fans some early hope before a more predictable ending that let the boxing purists gloat a bit once Mayweather took control and handled an exhausted McGregor.

But you can’t argue with the scope of the spectacle and the event. More money was bet on this fight in Las Vegas than any previous fight, and you can be sure there were some nervous sportsbook executives in the early rounds as so much money was bet on the underdog. It’s hard to match the vibe of a fight in Vegas, and Sal Paolantonio said on ESPN that the atmosphere was better than any of the 25 Super Bowls he covered with both fighters engaging directly with fans leading up to fight night.

Of course, one staple of any big fight revolves around the lovely ring girls, and this fight played this angle up beautifully with two Corona ring girls that generated their own buzz with the event. You’ll see blonde bombshell Jessica Harbour and sexy brunette Kyra Keli when they were introduced at the weigh-in in the video above, and anyone who didn’t catch that couldn’t miss them at the fight before and after the action. Both are tall with perfect figures and million-dollar smiles, and fortunately both are very active on Instagram!

Here we have Jessica and Kyra together on the red carpet.

Here’s a cute clip of Jessica in her ring girl outfit flashing her impressive cleavage and killer smile!

Are you ready for the weigh ins today!? #mayweathermcgregor @coronaboxing @friasworks @chiaramodel

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Kyra with Floyd as she shows she can fill out her ring girl top nicely as well!

Jessica loves showing off her booty – here’s a great bikini shot!

Heard yesterday was “National Bikini Day” … as far as I’m concerned, every day should be bikini day 👌🏼

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Kyra shakes that bikini booty!

Jessica rocks a one-piece swimsuit that shows off all her curves.

There is sunshine in my soul today 🌞 . 👙 @chynnadollsswim 📷 @wickedneesh

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Kyra in a cool bikini.

Don’t mess with Jessica!

When there's a slow walker in front of me 😠 Just kidding! Kinda 🙃

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Very sexy!

Black sand with @hausofsirens #konagirl #konaphotographer @kreativ808 @gracemakeupartistry

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