Alexandra Daddario

Alexandra Daddario in True Detective

Alexandra Daddario gained notoriety and fame with her role in season one of “True Detective,” most notably for an intense love scene opposite Woody Harrelson.

We certainly took notice, and so did Hollywood casting agents as she started to land roles in major films. In a recent interview, Alex explained that “All of a sudden, everyone in town wanted to meet with me.” Of course they did . . . What’s stunning is that she reveals in that interview that she wasn’t on the invite list for the premiere. Did the PR team lose their jobs?

With her girl next door beauty and killer body, Alex began to land roles in large Hollywood productions such as “Baywatch” and “San Andreas.” Alex seems to be a good actress, but these haven’t been the most demanding roles, so it will be interesting to see if Alex decides to take on projects that challenge her acting talents.

Alexandra’s Sexiest Role

“True Detective” (2014)
As noted above, Alexandra became an instant star with her performance as Lisa Tragnetti. She was the perfect embodiment of Marty’s (Harrelson) inability to control his impulses. She was irresistible, and yet he couldn’t control her. She ties him up and then undresses for him (and for us!).

Alexandra Daddario in True Detective

Alexandra had quite a few acting credits before she landed this role as you can see on her IMDb page, but this was her big break. We’d love to see her in more projects like this that stretch her acting skills.

Acting Career

“San Andreas” (2015)
Alexandra stars alongside a solid cast including Dwayne Johnson, Carla Gugino, Paul Giamatti, Ioan Gruffudd and Archie Panjabi in this solid disaster film.

Alexandra Daddario in San Andreas

“The Layover” (2017)
This extended scene from “The Layover” is pretty entertaining. Not because the movie is very good, but rather because it involves Alexandra and Kate Upton battling for attention. Alex’s character cuts her dress into a bikini, while Kate Upton is in a swimsuit. Both have the assets to look great in these outfits of course, which is obviously the purpose behind the scene.

The entire movie seems to be constructed around the idea of getting two beautiful women with large breasts into sexy situations like the cleavage screenshot below. We certainly won’t object to that, and Russ Meyer would certainly approve, but you often need more to pull off a good film.

Alexandra Daddario cleavage in The Layover

“The White Lotus” (2021)
Alexandra received an Emmy nomination for her role as Rachel in this excellent HBO limited series set at a fictional resort in beautiful Hawaii. Rachel is on her honeymoon but she’s starting to question her marriage. Alexandra shows off some impressive acting chops here in a role that requires real nuance in the performance. Rachel doesn’t want to be perceived as a trophy wife and wants to be taken seriously by her new husband. She also looks amazing in a bikini which she gets to show off a number of times on this show.


Alex discusses her “Baywatch” role on the “Today” show
She’s quite charming in this interview.


Carpool Karaoke with the cast of “The White Lotus”
Here’s a fun video of Alexandra with co-stars Sydney Sweeney and Murray Bartlett in a preview for this show.

Alexandra on the red carpet
She’s at the Emmmys where she received a nomination for “The White Lotus.”


Alexandra Daddario is pretty active on both Instagram and Twitter. You can also check out a database of all her roles on her IMDB profile.

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Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson in True Detective