Alexandra Daddario

Alexandra Daddario in True Detective

Alexandra Daddario gained notoriety and fame with her role in season one of “True Detective,” most notably for an intense love scene opposite Woody Harrelson. With her girl next door beauty and killer body, Alex began to land roles in large Hollywood productions such as “Baywatch” and “San Andreas.” Alex seems to be a good actress, but these haven’t been the most demanding roles, so it will be interesting to see if Alex decides to take on projects that challenge her acting talents.

Movie Clips

This extended scene from “The Layover” is pretty entertaining. Not because the movie is very good, but rather because it involves Alexandra and Kate Upton battling for attention. Alex’s character cuts her dress into a bikini, while Kate Upton is in a swimsuit. Both have the assets to look great in these outfits of course, which is obviously the purpose behind the scene.


Alex discusses her “Baywatch” role on the “Today” show.


Alexandra Daddario is pretty active on both Instagram and Twitter. You can also check out a database of all her roles on her IMDB profile.