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What do "ALF," "Doogie Howser, M.D.," and "Sin City" have in common? If you guessed the 5-foot-4-inch bombshell to the left, you're correct -- Carla Gugino has been on the verge of It Girl status longer than most actresses have careers.

Besides her early television appearances -- which also include roles on "Saved by the Bell," Who's the Boss?" and "The Wonder Years," not to mention a Bon Jovi video in the mid-'90s -- Gugino has worked steadily in film since the late '80s, appearing in such diverse fare as "Troop Beverly Hills," "The Son-In-Law," and "Snake Eyes," as well as the "Spy Kids" trilogy and, of course, "Sin City." You may also remember her brief run on the Michael J. Fox-led sitcom "Spin City," or her headlining role on the made-for-TV spinoff of the Jennifer Lopez movie "Out of Sight," titled "Karen Sisco."

All those years of just missing household-name status might be coming to an end, however, with Carla's recent appearance as an agent on HBO's "Entourage." Between her new high-profile weekly gig and her continuing movie career -- 2007 will find her returning to the big screen with "American Gangster" -- it seems a safe bet that Carla Gugino's days of failed television shows (and starring in films like "Homeward Bound II: Lost in San Francisco") have come to an end.

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Carla on the Screen

Carla paid her acting dues in guest spots on shows like "Saved by the Bell," "Doogie Howser" and "The Wonder Years," as well as in a string of bad made-for-TV movies, before finally getting the bump up to the prime time in 2001 with a role in the Robert Rodriguez family film "Spy Kids" and her very own television series ("Karen Sisco") two years later. Since then, she's appeared in blockbusters like "Sin City" and "Night at the Museum," and even appeared in a short stint on "Entourage."

Carla Says

On acting:
"The scariest but most rewarding thing for me is to play a character that's out of control, and do it convincingly." 

On her stint on the CBS hospital drama "Chicago Hope":
"I can't help saying that I played a neurosurgeon without laughing a bit."

On the perils of home ownership:
"The grass is always greener on the other side, but you still have to mow it."

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