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Concert Reviews and Interviews:  3 Doors Down

Interview by: Mike Farley 

Click here
for Mike's review of  3 Doors Down's Better Life.

An interview with guitarist Matt Roberts of 3 Doors Down

This four-piece modern rock band from Mississippi had a huge hit with "Kryptonite" a few years back, and now they're back with their sophomore release Away from the Sun. I caught up with guitarist Matt Roberts recently to allow for a peak into touring with one of the hottest rock bands on the circuit.


Mike Farley: You guys had unbelievable success with "Kryptonite." How is the new record doing so far?
Matt Roberts: We're doing fantastic. The album is #1 on the modern rock charts and also doing well on the active rock format.

MF: Do you get tired of playing "Kryptonite"?
MR: No, the crowd usually makes it interesting.

MF: Who does the writing in the band?
MR: All of us write as a group.

MF: And you guys are from Mississippi?
MR: That's correct, except Brad (Arnold, singer) and I live in neighboring Alabama now.

MF: Tell me about a typical day on tour for 3 Doors Down.
MR: Basically it's wake up, take a shower, have some lunch, do some phoners like this, maybe some meet and greets, have sound check, play a show and get on the road again. 

MF: How long are you guys out for?
MR: Until September 20, then we'll take a week off and start a fall tour. 

MF: Do you have any funny stories from the road?
MR: Every day is fun; I live with a bunch of characters. 

MF: Well, anything that stands out that you want to share with us?
MR: Nothing you'd want to print, that's for sure.

MF: What would you guys like to achieve in the next few years? 
MR: We're achieving what we've always wanted to. If we can stay at this level for a few years it would be great. 

MF: You guys get compared to Creed a lot, which in my opinion is unfair because your singer, Brad Arnold, can sing. What is your take on that?
MR: It really doesn't matter who we get compared to, but we've heard that a lot. 

MF: Our site has a lot of hot babes on it, like a Featured Model of the month and a Girl Next Door. Can you take a look at it and tell me which one is your favorite?
MR: I can tell you already; I want the girl of the month or the Girl Next Door. Bring one of them to the Cleveland show. (August 9 at Tower City Amphitheater).

MF: Do you guys get mobbed by groupies in places like rest stops?
MR: We're pretty lucky that way where we get recognized but not mobbed. We usually just sign a few autographs and get on our way. 

MF: Are you or any of the band members into sports?
MR: We play a lot of golf.

MF: What about baseball or football?
MR: We follow it but we're too out of shape to play. Mostly we follow football, and being from the south we like the Saints and the Rams. We also follow the Packers because Brett Favre is from our hometown.

Catch 3 Doors Down and Our Lady Peace with special guests Seether and Shinedown at Tower City Amphitheater on Saturday, August 9. : Feedback - Link to Us  - About B-E - FAQ - Advertise with Us

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