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CD Reviews:  3 Doors Down: Away From The Sun

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Maybe it's the fact that bands even remotely sounding like Creed dominate the Active Rock format on radio, but there's something comforting about hearing them. It's as if hearing them conjures up visions of hot chicks in bikinis walking along the beach and sounds of this kind of music blaring in the background. In the case of Three Doors Down's latest, well, it's even better because singer Brad Arnold can actually sing, and there's a bonus -- you can even understand what he's saying. And oh yeah, the songs are pretty good. 

"When I'm Gone" is a hard-edged guitar rock that fits the aforementioned radio format like a glove. The title track is a rock ballad ala Creed, but again with decent vocals. The truth is, it's a great song with pop crossover appeal. "Ticket to Heaven" has some twangy, almost Americana sounding guitars in the verse but jumps right into the trademark Three Doors Down power chorus. "Running out of Days" is a song Pearl Jam fans would love and "Here Without You" is a slow tune tailor-made for all of those summer romances put on hold as everyone goes back to school. "Changes" is another power ballad that has an almost dated sound, like it could easily have been performed by Poison or Warrant. "Going Down in Flames" just flat-out rocks and "Sarah Yellin'" is a guitar-riff driven piece that again brings to mind 1980s metal.

Three Doors Down sounds like they could write radio-friendly songs in their sleep, and that's really saying something these days. Their melodies will stick in your head for days. Okay, sometimes they are musically dated and sometimes they sound like Creed, but give them credit for finding a formula that works. And if hearing Three Doors Down conjures up images of chicks in bikinis, it's all good. 

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