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CD Reviews: Review of Big Boi Presents…Got Purp? Vol. 2 by Purple Ribbon All-Stars
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Hello, boys and girls! You’re really hip and with it with today’s crazy music scene, right? You know all the latest fashion trends, shop at all the coolest stores in the mall, and spend your hard-earned allowances on all the hottest hip-hop and rap CD’s that come out of the big factories! And if you’re the hippest of the hippest, then you already know about Big Boi from that funky funky group Outkast and his latest offering with the Purple Ribbon All-Stars called Got Purp? Vol. 2, no? No?! Well then, let this review be your guide to this big mutha of a CD.

First thing you must know about making rap-based albums these days is that you have to thrown in either zany skits or interludes between most every song on the disc. Got Purp? Vol. 2 does this in spades, with eight of its 20 tracks falling into this category. Oh, and believe you me, this’ll be the kind of stuff you’ll be memorizing for later use in your cool lives! No one should be without knowing such classics as “Kryptolude,” “Purple Ribbon,” “Papa Doc,” “Mayonnaisemouth,” or “Konkrete,” to name just a few. Heck, if it weren’t for these way-out interludes, this disc would be shorter and without a lot of its filler! But we can’t have that, now, can we?

Of course not! Heck, no! Pshaw! You gotta have really tough tracks that will make the bass cannons in your ’78 Pinto’s trunk shake with fury! And there are plenty of those to go ‘round here. Lucky you! Try not to turn the volume down when your ears get a taste of Konkrete’s “Shit Ya Drawers,” or Bubba Sparxxx wasting your time with the raw talent behind “Claremont Lounge!” Sheeeeit, boieeee! You’ll be sure to be cracking out a big four-o and dumping it onto the pavement when you’re shaking the ice on your fingers to such soon-to-be-classics as Big Boi’s very own “808” and “Body Rock” by the Purple Ribbon All-Stars themselves!. Don’t keep it on the down-low, though! Hell, no!

For some reason, some honest-to-God groovy tracks slipped into this mix. Guess what? They sound like nothing else on here! Holy Lord! You mean there are some actual songs in between all the do-rag wank? Apparently so! For instance, Sleepy Brown’s “Me, My Baby & My Cadillac” contains a groovy sample of “Maybe Tomorrow” that makes for some smoove times. Then there’s Janelle Monae spinning out “Time Will Reveal” that sounds like some updated electro soul from the ‘70s. Monae’s “Lettin’ Go” is also worth a listen or two, giving the nappy ears a rest from the same old shiznit on here, dawg.

You must know, bro, that yours truly never got into Outkast and didn’t see what the hell the B.F.D. was over that whole double-dipped disasta they pimped out like yesterday’s voodoo. And no one ever seemed to care about Big Boi, anyway. So here he is, surrounding himself with a posse and some pussy tunes that for the most part continue along the same dulled-out lines that so many other hip-hop discs have ridden upon. It ain’t about the guts anymore, kiddies. It’s about the product, and how much swag you can pimp out of the Hollisters and Hot Topics. But damn, it brings in the coin, yup yup. Word to your mother.  

~Jason Thompson 


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