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CD Reviews:  Review of Special One by Cheap Trick

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Cheap Trick recently released Special One, their first album of original material since 1997’s Cheap Trick, which followed 1994’s dreadful Woke Up With A Monster. In between these records the boys from Rockford have been releasing rarities collections, greatest hits and live recordings. My main complaint against this effort is the same criticism I had for Rush’s Vapor Trails, in that it seems the material is uninspired. It is professionally played, well arranged, nicely produced but completely dull. It doesn’t twist old formulas or attempt anything new. It is in essence a generic record, and it feels that way because the songs are boring.

Most of Cheap Trick’s early stuff was written or co-written by Rick Nielsen -- 1979’s Dream Police stands next to 1983’s Next Position Please as my favorite Trick record and Nielsen wrote or co-wrote almost all that material. In later years, like 1988’s Lap of Luxury, outside writers were featured on most of the tracks, including the smash ballad “The Flame.” Busted, the 1990 follow-up, took the same approach and although not as strong as the previous release, it featured some excellent material. Special One is written almost exclusively by Nielsen, Robin Zander and Tom Petersson and it just doesn’t sound or feel stimulating. There are parts of the album that seem like continuations of other songs. “Best Friend” sounds kind of like “Sorry Boy” only slower. 

I love Cheap Trick because of the gems in their catalogue. Unfortunately, Special One is almost as disappointing as Woke up With a Monster, and that is saying something.

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