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CD Reviews:  Review of The Jealous Kind by Chris Knight

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With all of the canned music coming out of Nashville these days, it’s always nice to hear something with a little bit of an edge. Singer/songwriter Chris Knight isn’t really a country artist, but his new release, The Jealous Kind, is more of a rock record with a country flavor. There’s that punchy guitar and honky-tonk vocal harmony that gives Knight some balls to go along with an okay set of songs.

Knight starts things off with the title track, and the mood is somewhat somber, a tale of longing to finish what you started in a relationship that ended too soon. Musically it’s akin to Garth Brooks fronting the Gin Blossoms. “Banging Away” is shear middle America, ala Bruce Springsteen. “The Border” is the first single and has an alt-country feel, complete with twangy guitar and fiddle that reminds me of Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash. “A Train Not Running” is an acoustic piece that never really seems to go anywhere. “Me and This Road” sounds like a well-structured Nashville country song, but the difference is in Knight’s voice, which is way more textured than most singers of that genre. “Broken Plow” is a ballad done with a banjo, if you can imagine that, and similar to Brooks’ “Thunder Rolls.”

The problem with this highly anticipated release (the press notes said that, not me) is that by the time you get to the last few songs, there’s nothing memorable enough to leave a solid overall impression. A great voice, yes, and some really good songs, but Chris Knight has filled The Jealous Kind with a few too many “B” sides. 

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