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CD Reviews:  Review of Because I Can by Katy Rose


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You are a 16-year-old girl, disillusioned with the establishment, and you live in LA. What do you do next? Write some of the most compelling rock in years, of course. Katy Rose is drawing national attention thanks to her powerful songwriting and revealing lyrics chronicling the dramas of the day-to-day life of an adolescent girl. On many of the songs featured on Katy’s debut release, Because I Can, tormented verses filled with conflict and frustration blend into sing-along power choruses, sweet enough to make the Avril Lavignes and Michelle Branches of the world take notice.

The strongest aspect of Katy’s songwriting is her honesty. She growls on the album’s first track, “Overdrive,” “I’m six feet under the bondi tree with my crap new age philosophy. Yeah, yeah, I’m California. Yeah, yeah, I’m Independence.” The jumpy “Catch My Fall” starts off with a scream, literally, before punching in with a driving chorus.

Katy does tend toward the dramatic. On “Snowflakes,” she moans like a lounge singer, lamenting how she’ll never be, “The perfect blanket for someone else to walk on.”

“Glow” and “Teaching Myself to Dream” both sound very “Dawson Creek”-ready, songs that would be the perfect audio backdrop for some teenage coming-of-age melodrama.

Katy occasionally betrays her age. On “Watching the Rain,” she blandly raps about how she wants to kiss the moon with her feet. The chorus, along with the post-production noises, could easily be something off the Hillary Duff album. Ultimately, Katy will find that as she grows, her songwriting will too, enabling her to step outside the personal situations that envelope her and tell the stories of other people. But the talent is certainly there now. An incredibly strong sense of song, as well as a dynamic voice and introspective lyrics, make Katy Rose one new artist to get on board with early.

~Joe Del Re

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