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Katy Rose, Because I Can
Katy Rose: The first “It” prediction for 2004
by: Mike Farley (e-mail

Mike Farley Home / CD Reviews / Entertainment Channel / Entertainment Web Guide

Get ready, America. Get ready, world. Familiarize yourself with the name Katy Rose because she’s going to be invading your television and computer screens, your radios, your magazines and your newspapers in 2004. A 16-year-old singer/songwriter from Los Angeles, Rose will launch her debut, Because I Can, on V2 Records in late January. And it’s not just her age that makes Katy Rose one to watch. This young woman veers a little to the left of mainstream with deep lyrics, infectious melodies, and an in-your-face rock album that will easily stand up to anything out there today.

The daughter of a backup singer and touring guitar player, Katy Rose grew up around music and began writing songs as soon as she learned how to use a pen. In fact, Because I Can is a collection of songs that Rose wrote a few years ago. “I probably have enough material to release two more records,” she says. “I’m actually really anxious to do that, because I’ve grown as a person and have more things to say.”

The fact that this young artist has so much to say and is so eloquent in saying it makes it difficult for the music industry to classify her. They simply do not believe that those lyrics can come from a 16-year-old mind. “They see me as a 16 year old who’s singing about some really hard things that she went through,” states Rose. “And can’t imagine I would be able to know what life’s about, which is ridiculous.” Instead, the industry powers that be are left throwing up inevitable comparisons to Alanis Morissette and Fiona Apple. The latter is a more accurate comparison, as Rose’s music leans toward the dark, grungier side of pop. She even cites Apple as one of her big influences, in addition to Radiohead, the Velvet Underground and Maryann Faithful. 

Speaking of influences, Katy Rose has an unusual fascination with graveyards, though she’s quick to point out she is no Goth chick. “I love history,” she says, “and I think graveyards are probably the most interesting places.” Though she claims to feel a sense of peace and connection with the spirits, Rose has never written a song in a graveyard, but says, “That would be ideal. That would be a great day.” 

Until then, Rose has a major label debut to release with Because I Can, and is touring in advance of it. She is both humble and eccentric in her aspirations -- on one hand, she appreciates her creative outlet and wants fans to appreciate it too, and on the other would someday like to travel to Morocco and, she says, “Live in a hut and make music for myself.” 

If all goes according to plan, Katy Rose is going to be one of the “It” artists to break onto the scene in 2004. What might get lost in all the hype and attempts at pigeonholing is the fact that this record, produced by Rose’s father Kim Bullard, is a collection of incredible songs. That alone should keep this young artist around for quite some time. Now, go sit in front of your TV and wait for Katy Rose’s career to start taking shape, because it most certainly will. 

For more information, please visit, and click here to view the video for Katy's single "Overdrive." Plus, be sure to check out Joe Del Re's review of Because I Can.

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