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CD Reviews:  Review of Natural Selection by Fuel

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Natural Selection is Fuel’s follow up to 2000’s very successful Something Like Human. And while the Pennsylvania quartet certainly doesn’t cover any new ground here, they do continue to produce hard-hitting, melody driven rock tracks with their third release. Their trademark dirge-driven grooves and lead singer Brett Scallion’s gravely voice come together to give Fuel their distinct and often imitated sound. 

Pounding guitars and drums open the CD with the track “Quarter.” The eerie keyboards hints of Fuel’s concerted effort to sound more like their current rock brethren (perhaps a little too much like Evanescence?), while the principle songwriter Carl Bell’s guitar solo harkens back to the days when growling and screeching guitars were common place in the rock world. 

Many of the songs from Selection could have been featured on Human. The initial single, “Falls on Me,” sounds very similar to past hits “Hemorrhage in my Hand” and “Bad Day.” Also, both “Falls on Me” and later, very radio-friendly track, “Most of All,” sound distinctly different from the rest of the album’s aggressive rock format…almost as if they were deliberately written for radio success (but that never happens in the rock world…right?). Those tracks sound almost out of place next to face-pounding rockers like “Getting Thru?” and “Won’t Back Down.” There is also the obligatory ballad, called “These Things,” which finds Scallion in a more reflective mood. 

Fuel is the missing link between the guitar-heavy bands of the early 1990s of rock and today’s rock acts. Perhaps it is because the main songwriter is the guitar player, or simply because the band has embraced the time-tested rock formula of guitar, drums and bass (notice: no turntables), that Fuel can churn out an album that links the two genres. Fans that ate up Human in 2000, as well as fans of bands such as Staind and Puddle of Mudd, should dig Natural Selection

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