The best golf glove for every condition



There is a range of golf gloves which are suitable for different conditions, but what everyone wants to know is which are the best. The golf glove market is forever expanding and no one wants a glove which is inferior to other models in the same category.

A golf glove to most golfers is simply a necessity and not something to worry about too much. However, having the best golf gloves in 2023 for every condition can improve your game.

Best golf glove for every condition

Best golf glove for warm weather – FootJoy StaSof
The FootJoy StaSof is the most popular FootJoy golf glove on tour and it’s clear to see why. This glove seems to perform best as the temperature rises. The PowerNet mesh and finger perforations ensure the glove is breathable, flexible and comfortable in extreme heat.

This glove performs well in all conditions but it is not as good when the temperatures drop and the weather turns. The ComfoTab Velcro is very tacky and there is a lot of support from a very secure fit. Overall, this is a very good glove from the No.1 golf glove brand.

Best golf glove for cold weather – Callaway Thermal
For those golfers who play in cold conditions, the Callaway Thermal golf gloves are an excellent option to help keep your hands warm during your round. Not only are these gloves warm, they are comfortable too.

The OptiTherm thermal fleece lining ensures your hands stay warm even in the coldest temperatures. Obviously depending on where you play golf these will either be a staple or only a purchase if you travel. These gloves are also available for ladies too.

Best golf gloves for wet weather – TaylorMade Rain Control golf gloves
Made from a technical microfiber material the Rain Control waterproof golf gloves offer up to 40% more grip than a traditional glove in the rain. Being partly microfiber, the gloves dry incredibly quickly, while the nylon fabric is really durable.

They feel very comfortable and secure in the wet, which you don’t always get from rain gloves. A pair of rain gloves is always good to have in your golf bag and the TaylorMade Rain Control are a great option.

Best golf gloves for all-weather conditions – FootJoy WeatherSof
If you want one glove you can wear rain or shine, the FootJoy WeatherSof is the best option. This is the world’s most popular golf glove for clear reasons. The FibreSof palm is comfortable and flexible.

The WeatherSof is soft and thin yet very durable. The feel from this glove is exceptional. With more than 90 million golfers globally opting for this glove you should definitely consider this as your next purchase.

How do you know which glove you need?

Frequent golfers will most likely have a glove for every condition if they play in all weathers. However, if you don’t play in all conditions then there may be no need to have a glove for every condition. If you think you only need a glove for one or two conditions there are a few things to consider.

Depending on what material the glove is will determine what conditions it’s suitable to be worn in, if it is leather it’s good for warm conditions, synthetic is best for all-round conditions, fleece is ideal for cold conditions and microfiber is preferred for wet conditions.

Obviously if you never play in rain, you could just get a synthetic or leather glove, but if you play in the cold, you might need fleeced gloves. If you know what conditions you’re going to be playing in the decision is easier. Although, to cover all bases it may be worth buying one of each.

All golf gloves are designed to perform slightly differently from another, the best thing to do is find out what condition the glove is intended to be used in and solely use it in those conditions, otherwise you won’t use the full performance of the glove and it may reduce your grip.

While having the right glove for every condition is important, it is also important you like the feel of the glove and it doesn’t feel uncomfortable. Depending on the material the feel will change, if you don’t like the feel of a specific material you’re best off playing with a glove that feels comfortable even if it’s not specifically intended to be worn in certain conditions.


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