Blu Tuesday: “The Menu” and More


Ralph Fiennes and Anya Taylor-Joy in "The Menu"

Blu Tuesday is a weekly column where we review the newest Blu-ray and 4K releases, along with a brief rundown of the included bonus material, to determine whether they’re worth buying, renting or skipping.

Pick of the Week: “The Menu”

It’s a little disappointing that Mark Mylod’s “The Menu” hasn’t received more recognition this awards season because it’s hands-down one of the best (and most audacious) films of 2022. Laced with wickedly dark humor and biting social commentary, and featuring great performances from Ralph Fiennes, Anya Taylor-Joy, Nicholas Hoult and Hong Chau, “The Menu” hilariously skewers the world of haute cuisine and the rich elitist jerks who frequent such establishments. Mylod’s recent work on acclaimed TV dramas like “Succession” and “Game of Thrones” serves him well here, as does the decision to lean into the absurdity of the premise. Although that leads to more than a few ridiculous moments (including an ending that is sure to be divisive among audiences), the highs far outweigh the lows, resulting in a cinematic experience that you won’t soon forget.

Extras include a making-of featurette and some deleted scenes. FINAL VERDICT: BUY

Also Out This Week:

Cloverfield” — “Cloverfield” may not have been the first found-footage movie, but it’s arguably the one that kicked the whole craze into overdrive, thanks largely to producer J.J. Abrams’ “mystery box” approach, which shrouded the film in so much secrecy that it managed to turn a $25 million movie with a no-name cast into a major event. In hindsight, “Cloverfield” isn’t nearly as good as the hype machine leading up to its release, but it’s still a pretty solid monster movie that smartly uses its found-footage style to drive the story forward, revealing only as much of the creature as it wants the audience to see. Though the 4K transfer (first released in 2018) doesn’t do much for a film that was made to look like it was shot on a handheld camera, Paramount’s new 15th anniversary SteelBook is a great pickup for anyone who hasn’t yet purchased “Cloverfield” on the format. Extras include an audio commentary by director Matt Reeves, a behind-the-scenes look at making the film and more. FINAL VERDICT: RENT

Disclosure: Bullz-Eye was provided a copy of the above titles for review purposes.


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