Beach-Side Business Ideas for Floridians


Fort Lauderdale coastline sunset

Florida is known for a lot of things. One of the major ones is that it is a coastal state with a lot of shoreline. In fact, it has the most miles of shoreline or any of the 48 contiguous states. People are swimming, boating, sunbathing, and enjoying water activities all around the state. These beachfront frolickers can be locals and tourists who need services to enhance their experiences. That could be where you come in. Starting a beach-side business could be a lucrative opportunity for you.

That said, there are a lot of businesses already serving beaches. It’s up to you to find a gap or two that you can fill in your area. Starting a business in a crowded market will only put you right off the bat behind the eight-ball. The good thing is that you can look at plenty of options to get started.

How to Start a Beach-Side Business

If you want sustainable success, make sure you take the necessary steps to build a solid base. That means having a detailed business plan that will keep you pointed towards your goals, for starters. Depending on the type of business you will start, you may need funding to get you through your launch and well into the life of your business. You can’t count on earning enough right away to cover all of your costs.

Many entrepreneurs forget or think they can avoid certain costs. For example, if you have a small business, you might think you can get away without having insurance. However, even small businesses can get sued, and many beach-side businesses come with safety risks. At the very least, having general liability is a required insurance policy for any business.

Depending on what you are doing, you might need commercial auto and property policies and workers’ compensation. If you neglect insurance, your business could be in trouble if you have to pay for legal costs and damages from a negative incident. Insurance will not just protect your finances, but it will also remove a potential stressor from the pile of things you are worried about.

Once you are aware of what is required to start, here are some beach-side business ideas for Floridians.

Beach Equipment

People can enjoy themselves at the beach in any number of ways. They can lie still and hope to get a tan. They can play sports, they can go swimming, or take out a boat. Water sports are very popular as well. Going to the beach means that there is something that almost anyone can enjoy. However, if someone only goes to the beach occasionally, then it doesn’t make sense for them to buy the equipment they use there. Plus, they may not even have the capacity to transport it from their home to the beach, or they are tourists who traveled from somewhere else. Opening a beach equipment rental service allows you to provide everyone with whatever they need to enjoy the beach. You can do big things like boats, and jet skis, or little things like towels and umbrellas. Your purpose is to make things easier for beachgoers to have fun no matter where they come from.

Food Delivery

Going for food when you are at the beach can be a hassle. You have to dust yourself off, put on footwear, possibly pack up your towels and equipment, and then walk to a restaurant or food service to get your grub. This is even more frustrating if you want to spend more time on the beach after your meal. As a delivery service provider, you can make sure that people on the beach don’t have to leave to get their sustenance. There are many delivery apps to which you can sign on, and you can provide food from any local restaurants or eateries. If you want to expand your services, you can also offer delivery of items like sunscreen, towels, or other small beach accessories.

Boat Services

This business is more beach-adjacent than the back-side, but it still qualifies. Many people have boats in marinas near beaches, and many more would like to rent boats to take out on the water. You can profit by opening up a full-service boating company. You can rent boats, for starters. You also provide cleaning and maintenance services. People need their boats cleaned regularly, including at the start of every season. This is especially true if they use their boats for business or as a status symbol. Regular maintenance also helps ensure that they don’t have issues while out on the water or starting up to head out. This business requires expert boating knowledge and the will to work hard.

Hotel and Overnight Stays

Very few nighttime views are more beautiful than the moon peeking up from the water as the night begins. There is also nothing better than having the waves lapping to wake you up in the morning. Hotels and motels by the water can bring in a lot of business. People travel to beaches and want to spend as much time nearby. They want to be able to walk there in their bathing suits and flip-flops while carrying their chairs and umbrellas. You can offer higher prices for beachfront views and make the rooms convenient for cleaning off the sand and storing beach equipment.


Yes, everyone has a phone with a camera nowadays, but that doesn’t mean they have the right skills to use them. If you have an interest or talent in photography, you may be able to find a way to make a living on the beach. People will pay for action shots while playing sports, group shots, and souvenir shots, all in high quality. Yes, people have phones, but many tourists will want better-quality photos to put in frames or to hold a special place in their memories.

Beaches offer plenty of fun opportunities for tourists and local alikes. However, if you are looking to dip your toes into entrepreneurship, or are looking to expand your portfolio, then any one of these beach-side businesses could be the perfect way to make a living.


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