What Makes a Flyer Attention Grabbing?



Flyers are still a popular printed marketing strategy, and if executed correctly, they can offer a significant return on investment (ROI). One of the biggest challenges you’re going to face is finding a way to make your flyer as attention-grabbing as possible; if people don’t see your flyer, or if they don’t find it interesting enough to peruse, it’s not going to be effective.

How can you make your flyer stand out?

Choose the Right Printer

First, consider choosing the right printer. Working with a skilled, high-quality printer will make sure that your flyer looks as professional as possible, helping it stand out among others.

· Invest in quality. Choose a reliable print shop with a history of good results. Do your research to figure out whether this brand has a significant history in printing flyers and evaluate customer reviews to see how people feel about the products they’ve gotten from this provider in the past.

· Upgrade your stock. Once you’ve chosen a printer, consider splurging on a stock upgrade. The paper stock you use will have a massive impact on how people initially see and think about your marketing material. Thicker stocks tend to be seen as more durable and more professional than thinner stocks, and you can add a coat of gloss to make your flyer even more eye-catching.

· Shop around for the best price. There are many sources of inexpensive flyer printing online. Shop around to find a reputable provider who offers a reasonable price. It’s inadvisable to skimp on quality, but you should also strive to save money on production, so you can increase your ROI further.

· Buy in bulk. One more tip here: buy in bulk. Most printers will charge you based on how much volume you order If you order a higher quantity, you’ll qualify for a significant per-piece discount.

Understand Your Target Audience

Before designing your flyers, work on understanding your target audience. Who are the people you’re trying to reach and how do they see the world? What types of things are going to grab their attention?
If you don’t know the answer to this, it’s time to return to the basics. Market research will help you better understand who your target audience is and what types of messages will appeal to them. Is this audience strongly persuaded by emotional appeals? Do they like loud, energetic designs, or something cleaner and more minimalistic? You’ll need to design your materials with your specific audience in mind.

Add Splashes of Color

It’s no secret that color attracts the human eye. If there’s a bright green flyer on a stack of papers in conventional black and white, the green flyer is going to stand out. That’s one good reason to include strong splashes of color on your flyer; these design elements serve as highlights that can immediately capture attention.

However, for this to work, you also need to consider your replacement. If your flyer is loud and multicolored, but resting on a pile of other loud and multicolored flyers, you’re not going to make much of an impact. Try to do something original.

Defy Expectations

You can also capture attention by defying the expectations of the people encountering your flyer. Challenge them with something they’ve never seen before.

· Unconventional imagery. Don’t just include a stock photo of a smiling human face. Add some unconventional imagery, like a surreal image or a grossly photoshopped version of a person’s face. Get creative here and show people something they’ve never seen on a flyer before.

· Unconventional fonts. Similarly, use unconventional fonts. You can make the most important words of your flyer practically jump off the page this way.

· Bold wording. The words you choose also matter. Strong, rare words and words that have emotional content to them tend to perform best.

Focus on a Benefit

Make your flyer stand out by focusing on a benefit to the person reading it. For example, you could highlight a “30 percent discount” or advertise an experience that allows a person to “Relax. It’s that simple.”

Consider Going Minimalistic

Minimalistic flyers can perform as effectively as loaded ones, if not more so. Experiment with a design that focuses exclusively on the most important takeaway of your marketing campaign. Keep it a single color and don’t clutter it with unnecessary details. Test it in a live environment to see if it works the way you think it will.

Optimize Your Placement

The final step here is to optimize your replacement. All your work will be for naught if nobody actually sees the finished product. Distribute your flyer in a way that makes sense for your target audience, whether that means mailing it directly, distributing it at a live event, or just posting it frequently at the local coffee shop.


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