The 3 Ways That Seniors Should Embrace Technology


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Technology has been advancing by leaps and bounds over the last few years. The Internet of Things has made devices smarter and far more useful than ever. One of the segments of the population that has benefited the most from these advances is senior citizens. With the help of technology, they are more likely to be able to live independently and enjoy a greater quality of life.

Unfortunately, not nearly enough seniors are embracing this technology. They simply are not aware of the ways that they can benefit from it. This should change since it can dramatically affect one’s life. In this article, we will go over several of the ways that seniors can and should embrace technology.

1 – Fall detection devices

Falls are the number one nemesis of elderly people. It is when falls start to happen that they often lose their independence. A fall often leads to other health problems and long stints in rehabilitation centers. It is very important that when they fall they are able to get help right away.

This is why fall detection devices are so important to have. Many people have been using medical alert systems for years but those require pushing a button or using voice activation. Devices like hearing aids and fitness trackers now have fall detection that uses Artificial Intelligence to understand when a fall happens. An alert is sent to the local emergency services center automatically.

2 – Fitness and health trackers

Seniors need to be active to make sure that they can stay healthy and strong. Since falls can be prevented by having good core strength and balance, exercise is the best way to make this happen. Fitness trackers are like having a private coach in your pocket so they can really help seniors stay fit.

They will be able to create a workout and exercise routine based on age, weight, and ability that is ideal for each individual. Since seniors are not some monolithic organism, they all have different fitness needs and wants. Their fitness tracker will make sure that they are able to get the most out of their exercise routine.

The tracker will also be able to send alerts to them when it’s time to get moving again if it detects that they have been sitting for too long. Lastly, the tracker can also help detect any problems with health metrics such as heartbeat and even poor sleep.

3 – Smart home devices

The house that a senior lives in will either be a barrier to living independently or will be the means to achieve aging in place. Some houses are not set up to allow an elderly person to thrive there if they are not set up for their needs at this stage of life.

Making a home smart will make most homes up to the standards needed for an aging person to live on their own. For instance, a smart security system will not only keep intruders out of the house but can help them understand if there are threats like scammers.

A doorbell camera will detect motion and send an alert so that they can watch on their smartphone what is happening outside. They can see if there is a delivery person there or somebody up to no good.

Smart light bulbs are also great for seniors since they will help to keep electricity bills low. They can turn off automatically and are voice-activated so they can turn on before you get into the room. Using your smartphone to turn them on and off can also help if you are out of the home and want it to appear that somebody is home.

Even your toilet can be smart if you buy a toilet bidet combo. These are electrical and feature heated seats, warm water jets, and even a warm air dryer so you can have a totally hands-free experience. Many come with a handy remote control so you don’t have to contort yourself to use every function.

Smart thermostats round out the convenience that seniors can take advantage of that will also help them to save money. They are not just programmable, they will also control the temperature themselves based on how you use your heat and cooling systems. For instance, if you spend much of your time upstairs at night then the thermostats will make sure to start the heat in those areas at the times you usually are there and shut it off in other parts of the house.


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