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It is unlikely that your morning grooming routine will rank particularly highly among your favourite parts of the day. Often rushed and usually carried out with the sleep still heavy in your eyes, there is no denying that it can be a downright drag. And this is only truer if you aim to look your best every day, whether that be a necessity for your job or simply a matter of healthy vanity. Looking your best takes work, but if there is one thing that unites all modern technology, it is the aim to take the work out of such tasks – to make our lives that bit easier.

And when it comes to grooming, technology has been doing just that for some time. Very few of us now remember the world before devices like the electric razor, but the further you go back in time, the harder the morning grooming routine was – and the less impressive the results were. Technology never stands still, and today we have countless gadgets and gizmos to have us looking our best with the minimum of effort, some of which are very certainly at the cutting edge of the pack. Which of these new gadgets become irreplaceable staples of the modern routine and which fall away as nothing but short-lived novelty is something that only time will tell. Nevertheless, there is no denying that availing yourself of the best male grooming gadgets will at least make the morning routine that bit more fun.

But alas, we cannot try out everything, and the gadgets that look flashy and attractive are not always the ones that will really make a difference. This is true of all areas of technology, from kitchen appliances to car accessories and fire extinguishers, prices for which are not always in proportion to their effectiveness. So that is precisely why we have tried out a range of the best male grooming gadgets and have compiled a list to help you make the smart choice. The devices included here are not only highly effective when it comes to getting you looking your best, but they also add a little more fun to an otherwise laborious part of your day – novelty ain’t all bad!

Cool New Grooming Gadgets

Indeed, part of the fun of gadgets is that they have a pronounced novelty element. It is simply easier to get through the morning routine with that little bit of fun added in. However, you should never compromise on effectiveness, otherwise you could find the fun wears thin very quickly – and only after you’ve handed over the cash. With this in mind, here follows the best, in our opinion, new male grooming gadgets.

The Kohler Moxie Showerhead with Build-in Wireless Speaker

A wireless speaker inside a showerhead? What is the use of that? Today, wireless speakers are all but ubiquitous and it is a very common habit indeed to take them into the bathroom in the morning. A refreshing shower and the invigorating boost of your favourite songs is a winning combination when it comes to shaking off that sluggishness and getting ready for the day. But the thing about showers is they can be quite noisy, with a pattern of the falling water and the shower curtain or screen standing between you and your tunes. The Kohler Moxie Showerhead removes that problem, and if the shower finishes before your playlist does, it is also removeable.

Clarisonic Aira Sonic Skin Cleansing Brush

This one is a sleek, high-tech, and highly effective update of the skin scrubbers which – if we’re honest – can be a bit of pain to use for any length of time (especially in the morning rush). Fully automated, this skin scrubber can oscillate at more than 300 movements a second, making it highly effective at clearing your pores of dirt and oil. A great precursor to any male moisturising routine, this device can also be set to different speeds and features a timer, which can be set to one- or two-minute cleansing cycles. Its drying holder is also its charging stand.

Simplehuman Sensor Mirror

A good mirror is essential if you want to attend to your face-cleaning with any degree of precision. It is not rocket science to create a mirror with 5x magnification (as this one does) but it is a little closer to rocket science to develop a mirror with an LED light ring which accurately mimics natural sunlight, an automatic sensor for switching it on, and to pack all of that into a sleek cordless gadget. With no switch to fumble with, the Simplehuman Sensor Mirror is also incredibly easy to use – even in those groggy first minutes of the day.

RazorPit Razor Blade Sharpener

Undoubtedly one of the most practical items on this list, the RazorPit Razor Blade sharpener is not only relatively cheap to buy, but it will also go on to save you money in the long term by extending the life of your razor. This device features a silicon plate that clears the blades of all shaving debris as it sharpens them. It is also very quick and easy to use, requiring only a few strokes a day to extend the life of your blades by up to 150 additional shaves.

Delta Lahara Faucet

By means of a four-inch sensing field, this gadget will not only make washing your hands simpler by shutting the water on and off as your hands come near it, but it will also make your bathroom cleaning routine easier too. Without any need to actually touch it, it will stay shiny and clean for significantly longer. In that regard, this is a serious time-saving device.

Oral-B Deep Sweep 5000 Electric Toothbrush

What’s so fancy about this electric toothbrush? For sure the technology has been around for a while and electric toothbrushes are long-time occupants of bathroom cabinets the world over. But where this new electric toothbrush breaks new ground is in the five customised brushing modes it offers. And in addition to this, the device also features a remote sensor that beeps when it is time to move to a different part of your mouth. In the morning rush, it’s tempting to slack off and not brush your teeth for as long as you should. This new electric toothbrush fixes that problem and also offers optimal cleaning with 8000 sweeps a minute.


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