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Back in the day, gambling was restricted to physical venues like casinos, private clubs, and shady underground establishments. However, technological evolution has brought the world to our fingertips, courtesy of the internet. As online gambling continues to grow popular globally, betting is no longer limited to physical venues. In fact, you can gamble on the move.

Online casinos enable punters to wager while commuting to work, between breaks, and while travelling. And all you need is a smart mobile device and steady internet. So, if you’re an avid gambler who travels a lot for work, online casinos offer the perfect solution.

How to Gamble Online When Travelling?

Online casinos are accessible globally except for a few nations like Poland that have banned gambling. So, if you’re travelling outside the state or visiting a different country, find out if gambling is legal. Licensed casinos are generally accessible across the globe. So, we strongly recommend signing up for a reliable platform.

With that out of the way, here’s everything you need to know to gamble when travelling.

Look for Free Wi-Fi Networks

If you don’t have data when travelling overseas, look for free Wi-Fi. Most hotels, cafes, and restaurants allow guests to sign in to their private network. While in some cities you’ll find free Wi-Fi at fuel pumps and bus stops.

Free Wi-Fi is your best bet to saving on unnecessary data charges when travelling overseas. If you don’t have access to free internet, look for a cheap data plan. Online casinos do not need extremely high internet speeds. So, a basic plan should suffice.

Use a VPN

Since you’ll be using free Wi-Fi a lot while travelling, we recommend using a robust VPN. A Virtual Private Network lets you connect to the internet securely with the help of an encrypted network. This masks your IP address making it difficult for anyone outside the network to trace your location.

This is mandatory when using free Wi-Fi as public networks are open to all. And for an internet-savvy individual, accessing private information like username, password, and other credentials is a breeze.

Find a Reliable Operator

Most online casinos are mobile-friendly. So, the first step is to find a reliable operator. Elite casinos have apps for Android and iOS. You can download the mobile app and start playing. Look for a casino with a valid license from a reputed authority in the UK, Malta, or Curacao. And stay away from unlicensed operators.

The top operators will have a long list of online casino games in their libraries. Find one that is offering darmowe sloty owocowe, table games, and live dealer games. Once you find what you’re looking for, it’s time to sign up.

Find a Bank that Supports International Payments

Banking problems are real, especially when we’re talking about international gambling payments. Find a reliable international bank that has regional offices in the country where you’re headed. Find out whether they have an account for travellers and the restrictions on those accounts.

Make sure the bank offers international support in a language that you’re familiar with. If you are monolingual, you might have trouble communicating with the local support teams. If you wish to gamble while travelling outside the country, we recommend creating an account with a reputed bank, even if it means incurring additional expenses. Because at the end of the day, it’s worth every penny.

Carry a Portable Power Bank

When you’re constantly using the smartphone, the battery drains out rather quickly. People tend to use the smartphone quite frequently when travelling as they’re constantly clicking pictures, playing their favourite music, and browsing the gallery. When you add gambling to the equation, it’s no surprise that you must charge the device at shorter intervals.

By keeping a portable power bank handy, you can replenish the battery at will. This way, you can gamble whenever you wish without worrying about the device running out of juice during an emergency.


Whether you’re travelling overseas or out of state, always look for a reliable online casino that’s popular in the region. Make sure your shortlisted operator has a valid license, a vast game selection, several payment options, and fair wagering requirements. Once you get the basics right, gambling when travelling is a breeze.

If international transactions are a problem, you can always sign up for crypto gambling. If you want to learn more about blockchain currencies, forex, and their impact on gambling, follow this link.


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