Find a Watch That Fits Your Personal Style


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There are many types of watches to choose from, and they can range from diving and military style watches through to activity and luxury watches. Although fit and functionality is very important, the watch actually has to look good when it is worn. Here are some criteria to note when deciding the fit:

Measurement (Millimetres)

When looking at the specifications for a watch, there is often a measurement for millimetres present. This refers to the diameter of the watch face. Men’s watches typically fit into the 34 mm to 50 mm range. There was a period in the early 2000s where oversized dial sizes of up to 60 mm were marketed, but it boils down to what looks good on your arm.


The classic or vintage style watch has always remained a favourite since the 1950s and never goes out of fashion. Aviator and dive watches are classic examples. Vintage style watches are a lot more affordable these days. A more modern style is the smartwatch and these feature GPS and heart-rate functionality. A big advantage of a smartwatch is that the watch face can be changed to suit the wearer’s mood, from analogue to digital.

Features and material

An aspect that ties into the style and type of watch is features. In essence, you need to decide what you will be using the watch for. Sport watches can feature timers, stopwatches and tachometers (speed meters), but would you need it every day? Watches can be manufactured from canvas (which appear cheaper but are more durable) or metals (which look great but could become expensive). Another big factor is whether the watch is waterproof or merely water resistant.


Besides the above considerations, there are also accessories to consider: power sources, battery chargers or watch stands. It always pays to spend some extra time and effort doing research on a watch and IFL Watches is a good place to start.


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