How to Spend Time Outside Alone


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Although humans are mostly social creatures, we also need some peace and solitude on occasion. Alone doesn’t mean the same as lonely, and time away from the rest of the world isn’t about weakening our relationships with others but strengthening them. Being social and outgoing can sometimes start to feel like an obligation, the pressure begins to mount, and can eventually lead to anxiety or even depression. Decompressing with some personal space allows you to recharge your batteries and can also help you to develop a stronger sense of self-sufficiency. If you need some time alone, then heading outside with the right activity is extremely beneficial.

Go Fishing

There’s a reason why fly fishing is one of the most popular hobbies in the world. It’s a calming, contemplative hobby that allows you to get all of the benefits of being outside while allowing you time alone with your thoughts. It’s easier than ever to take up a new hobby, and fishing is no different. Check out an in-depth fly fishing guide today, and you could be relaxing by your nearest lake or river sooner than you think, utterly content and in tune with the world around you.

Reading in the Park

If there are two things that everyone should do more of, it’s reading and spending time outside. Why not combine those activities? Reading is a beneficial hobby to take up, because it encourages empathy, increases vocabulary, and distracts you from the turmoil of the world around us. Being outside boosts our energy levels, builds confidence, and can even boost our happiness levels. Take some snacks and a good book to your nearest green space and get lost in a whole new universe, whatever book you choose.

Go Shopping

Outdoor markets might be bustling, crowded spaces, but if you go along to one by yourself, then it’s a solitary activity that is very good for you. That’s because you can go at your own pace, checking out stalls, haggling with sellers, or simply browsing new and exciting products. Don’t assume that all healthy, positive outside activities have to be slow and in isolation. Being alone in a crowd can be a lot more liberating than you might think, and you’ll be getting some vital home supplies at the same time.

Enjoy Some Travel

Sometimes, you need to get away. Going on vacation doesn’t have to mean dragging your partner along or dealing with the hassles of organizing your family. Take a short weekend break by yourself, explore the country, and do it all by yourself. There’s something wonderful about traveling alone because you have no obligations to anyone else, can rest when you want, and are free to explore the unexpected. Leaving your comfort zone can be a hard step to take, but you’ll only grow as a person if you take that step.

When spending time outdoors is important for our mental and physical health, and when we’re under so much pressure to be social, heading outside alone is highly valuable. Spend time alone in the great outdoors, and you’ll wind down a gear, meaning that you’ll be re-energized when it comes to rejoining your social circles.


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