Vape Battery Use and Care


Vape Battery Use and Care

If you’re into vaping, you want to know how to take care of your device and accessories. As with all items used regularly it pays to keep them clean and in top condition, and as there are many elements to a vape pen or device you want to make sure they are all looked after. You’ll find that your vape pen is easy to disassemble and put back together to aid maintenance, but what about the battery?
What do you do to keep your battery in good condition, and what else should you know about it? Let’s talk about vape batteries, what they do, and why you need to be careful with yours.

Why is the Battery So Important?

Before we go on, we should touch on the stories that have been in the US press about exploding vape batteries. We need to stress that every instance in which this has happened the battery has been a counterfeit substandard item. You need a durable vape battery bought from a reputable source and it will not be in any way dangerous.

So, what part does the battery play in your enjoyment of vaping? The answer is that it is central to the entire process. The battery is responsible for providing the electric charge that heats the coil, which atomizes the substance you are vaping. You probably have a 510-thread battery: this is the standard size and type of battery used almost universally for screw-connected accessories with vape products, and it is sensible to remain with this type.

You should also take care not to overcharge a battery although it will usually have a built-in safety features to stop this happening. When you are fitting or removing the battery be careful to thread it correctly as mistakes may ruin the thread and result in a new battery being required.

You will also have read about or seen people use batteries with adjustable voltage. What are these about, and do you need one?

What are Adjustable Voltage Batteries?

Recent improvements in battery technology – which has remained largely the same for many decades – have allowed for miniaturized batteries to provide ample power to heat a coil. Many vape pens, dab pens and other vape devices come with a fixed temperature at which the atomizer does the job. This is convenient, but plenty of vapers soon found they were not entirely happy with the effect and taste of the vape cloud it produced.

Manufacturers recognised this and set about designing batteries with adjustable voltage. Adjusting the voltage also adjusts the temperature that is reached, so the user can try various options and arrive at their ideal voltage. Initially you could either buy a device with adjustable voltage or one without. Thanks to the standardized use of 510 thread you can now buy separate battery units at a vape shop to replace your existing one for more variation and control. This development means that people are improving their favourite vaping devices rather than having to buy another.

Further Information

The rules for caring for your battery are simple, and are the same as you would follow for any electrical device. Try not to expose it to moisture as this is not something that batteries appreciate, and when it is not in use keep it in a cool and dry place, so it does not corrode. If you currently have a single voltage battery and are looking at the option of a variable voltage model it is worth doing, as you will find a better battery will enable you to discover that sweet spot where your vaping is more enjoyable.


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