Use These Tips to Improve Your Travel Photos


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While traveling has largely been on hold due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, with vaccines rolling out and numbers improving, it won’t be long before people can once again travel the world safely. Traveling itself is amazing, but you also want to ensure you remember your trips and vacations long after they’re over.

One of the best ways to do this is by taking a lot of photos. Unfortunately, many travel photos don’t turn out well, whether because of rushing, crowds or improper lighting. Unfortunately, it is not likely we can just go back and take another one.

With that in mind, here are some travel photo tips to ensure you can get a great shot the first time.

Ensure You Have the Right Equipment

If you are serious about getting great travel photos, you should invest in the right equipment (and learn how to use it!) The better your camera, the better your photos will generally turn out. But in addition to your camera, there are several other pieces of gear that you should consider having.

This can include different lenses, a tripod, some lights, and even some extra batteries. As for learning what the right gear is, consider using an online resource such as Run Gun Shoot. These types of resources can help you learn about what gear other people use and what they think about it. These reviews can be crucial in helping you choose amongst the sea of different camera equipment available today.

While simply bringing your camera might be enough, if you want to take your skills as a photographer to new heights, other pieces of gear will play an important role.

Get There Early and Stay Late

With more than a billion people traveling internationally every year, most popular destinations are full of people. Having too many people around can unfortunately ruin some great photo or video opportunities.

As a result, going places early or staying late can get you some incredible shots. Tourist hot spots will be less busy, allowing you to take your time and set up your gear to capture some breathtaking pictures.

Not only that, but the lighting at sunrise and sundown is also the best for capturing stunning, colorful photos. The lighting during these times is very soft and has warm tones, which works best for a variety of different kinds of photos, including portraits. There is a reason why eye-catching sunsets and sunrises feature so prominently in most people’s travel albums.

Know the Best Composition Techniques

Of course, another way to ensure you get the best travel photos possible is to understand and use the best composition techniques. These techniques are often why the photos of professional photographers will look better than those taken by everyone else. In basic terms, this composition is how the subject of the photo is framed and what else is included in the shot.

There are many different techniques, such as using leading lines, cropping, using the rule of thirds and making good use of negative space. Which techniques you end up using will depend on the landscape, what is in the back/foreground of the picture, and your own style.

By familiarizing yourself with these techniques and when to best use them, you can always ensure you get the best shot possible. While it can take some time to get comfortable with them and realize which is the best in any given situation, experience and practice will make it easier.

Getting Better Travel Photos

Taking photos is one of the best ways to show off and remember your travel journey. By having the right gear, timing your photos correctly, and knowing the right techniques, you can make sure your photos are always high-quality and worthy of a framed spot in your living room.


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