How to buy incentivized downloads?



Google Play and App Store algorithms change regularly, but the fact remains that incentivized downloads are the right way to advertise your app. To get this, you need to follow a specific action plan.

Before ordering incentivized downloads, you need to work on creating keywords. You analyze the product in order to understand which keywords you need. It doesn’t have to be just one word. After receiving them, you can create combinations – noun with noun, noun and verb, noun and adjective. In cooking app, for example, you can make the following combinations – delicious food, food and entertainment, cook for yourself, fast food. The combinations depend on the functionality of your application. Remember the main rule – the more accurate the keyword, the easier it is to promote. If you run out of your own ideas, you can refer to the competitor’s program analysis. Find the apps with the most impressions in your niche and read their descriptions and reviews. You choose phrases that may be relevant to you and add them to the keyword cloud. A common mistake is using popular trade queries and brand names. This behavior may seem suspicious to the algorithm and it may ban your application.

The next step before ordering incentivized downloads is optimization. ASO is an improvement on several parts of your application: a keyword cloud, a title, an icon, a full and short description, and screenshots. You can try this optimization before running a campaign.

Only by following all these points you can start ordering incentivized downloads. To determine the optimal number of installs, you need to run a test campaign. Make an order with 4-5 keywords and about 10-15 installs for each and follow the dynamics of your rating. Then you can begin the full campaign. Buy up to 20 downloads a day until you reach the top 20. Once you reach the top 20 for a particular keyword, you should start a separate campaign to do so and increase the number of installs 1.5 times every two days.

Take responsibility for the creation and development of the entire advertising campaign. Consider all parts of your app carefully before the buy of incentivized downloads, and your marketing will bring you top results.


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