Should I move to the country?



Are you considering moving to the countryside? If yes, then, of course, it is not a decision that you can make lightly. The movers at state that there are certain factors that you have to consider while making this big decision. Rural living is not for everyone because it comes with a lot of challenges by itself. But if you wish to have a vibrant lifestyle along with a slower pace of life then it could also be a good option for you. If you don’t want hectic, endless crowd, noise and want peace then relocating to such place is needed.

Why you should move?

Having organic food: There are numerous farms around which plants so many fruits and vegetables. Nowadays it’s difficult to have access to organic and natural fruits and veggies, free from any type of chemical. One can have adulteration-free food from the nearby farms or can also plant the seeds your own as there is ample space around. When an individual consumes more and more organic foods then the one does not feel sick easily or frequently. Having organic food means you can see wonders in your body, you will feel fresh and energetic all day long.

Less crime rate: The studies have shown that there is much less crime rate compared to the cities or urban areas. Also, the population is far less than the cities. People living in the countryside are friendlier and also are helpful, which implies less crime rate or even no crime rate at some places. Therefore, people are much safer in the country rather than in the urban areas.

Less stress and depression: People who are residing in the rural areas tend to feel less stress than other people. The stress created in the urban areas leads to several mental problems because a person there does not get the time to feel peaceful and relaxed. While when one lives in the country then the one feels more relaxed.

Affordable living standard: People having financial issues, shift to the country to have affordable living standards. As we discussed earlier that in the countryside, the population rate is much less than in the cities. And fewer people mean low prices of lands and housing. The rate of taxes such as income tax or property tax is also much lower here. With low expenses, one can have more savings.

Healthy lifestyle: Residing into country can improve one’s lifestyle in physical as well as mental terms. The place in the countryside is mostly covered with dense forests and grassland, which provides cleaner as well as fresh air for breathing. Also, the surroundings around are breathtaking. One gets close to nature which provides mental peace to a being. The fresh air and the lush greenery present in the surroundings will make you feel healthy inside out.

With advantages, you can consider relocating while not everything comes with only the pros, there are some cons also with each decision. Check out some of these:

Fewer jobs: The areas in the countryside ate less developed which means that there are fewer jobs available. If one is good at farming or has any remote job, only then he or she can survive there. It is difficult for you to have a prosperous career in the future according to your skills and education. You might got a good job also.

Low educational opportunities: The rural area in the country holds one or two schools and also not more than one college. In some areas, there is even no source to continue your higher education. At one point in time, you will need to think about your children and shift to that area that has sufficient resources for educating your children.

Limited entertainment resources: Due to non-development rural areas, there are limited means for entertainment in the country. The places there are not much diverse and updated following new trends going on in the market. You may not be able to continue with your hobbies.

Fewer facilities: It takes time to get the services in country because services are not present there. You have to drive longer to go shopping for anything. From healthcare to education to.

Limited healthcare institutions: People in the countryside depends upon natural herbs or home remedies. There are not proper healthcare facilities around. If your family member gets in touch with a disease which can’t be cured with help of herbs, you will have to run to the city to provide proper healthcare to one.

Conclusion: So, when you have to decide this, you also have to consider your preferences. For some, living in a peaceful area is important while for some career is more important. So the decision could vary according to one’s preferences. Everyone is unique with unique needs therefore nothing could be said that it is an ideal option to move because it depends on your personal needs.


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