Your Turn to Host Barbeque Party? Here’s What You Must Have!



Hosting a barbeque party can be fun only if you have the right tools that aid in preparing lip smacking snacks. Lack of appropriate grilling tools can make the whole affair exhausting. You may not even be able to render as much taste to the food in such a case. Grill mats, long handled spatula, long handled tongs, chimney starter, grill grate brush and grilling gloves are some of the common grill tools. You may be having most of these if you host BBQ parties regularly. So, we wouldn’t go on writing about the use of these common tools. Instead we are here to help add flavour and taste to your grilled food. How? Read on to find out!

Impress Your Guests with Smoked Snacks

Ever wondered as to how your friend manages to get that scrumptious smoked flavour each time she grills chicken, fish, mushroom and cottage cheese? Or how that restaurant down the street renders that perfect smoked flavour to different food items? Well, they most certainly are using a smoker box to infuse the food with that irresistible flavour and taste. If you want to achieve that same essence then a smoker box is what you need. You can get smoker box for gas grill as well as charcoal grill. A stainless steel smoker box is actually a good choice. It works great for gas, charcoal as well as infrared grill.
The box is filled with wood chips that burn and create the smoke which gets infused in the food. It is suggested to soak these chips in water for around half an hour before placing them in the box that needs to be placed on the coals in case you have a charcoal grill. In case of a gas grill, the box must carefully be placed between the bars and grill grate. You will see these chips smouldering in a few minutes.

Numerous Flavours to Choose From

When it comes to wood chips, you will get a wide variety to choose from. These chips come in a number of flavours including hickory, apple, cheery, pecan, oak and mesquite to name a few. If you want to render a sweet smoky flavour to your food then it is suggested to go for wood chips in hickory flavour. Mesquite is a good choice if you enjoy a stronger aroma and are planning to grill beef or pork. Apple renders a mild smoky flavour. Cherry, on the other hand, gives a sweet flavour with a tinge of tartness.

So, now you know how to get that perfect smoked aroma that smells amazing and appeals to the taste buds. So, get home a good quality smoker box and flavourful wood chips. It is suggested to view a few tutorials to learn how to use this box appropriately. Impress your guests with delectable smoked chicken, fish, potatoes, pork chops, turkey and various other snacks. We are sure this small addition to your gas grill will take your barbeque party to the next level.


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