Mission Accomplished: How Do You Choose a Delicious Coffee?



Every major coffee chain cares not only about the quality drink the barista makes but also about what the guest makes for themselves at home. After all, what could be better than a cup of good coffee after a hard day’s work or a tense race at some betting site like 22Bet Kenya? When a guest at a coffee shop begins to choose a bean, he is faced with a huge variety. What to choose?

How to Choose a Coffee Bean

1. Check the Type of Bean

Coffee beans are divided into two kinds: Arabica and Robusta. Coffee Like recommends and uses only 100% Arabica. It has more aromatic oils that affect the taste of the coffee. Imagine a bitter drink where you want to add sugar – it’s probably made with Robusta. Coffee from Arabica is more interesting and diverse, it can reveal notes of chocolate, fruit, nuts, ripe berries, and even tea. Arabica plantations require special care, farmers collect almost 5 kg of ripe berries from one tree, and after roasting about 1 kg of beans remain. That’s why good coffee beans don’t come cheap.

2. Decide on a Brewing Method

How do you want to prepare your coffee at home: with an espresso machine or using an alternative method? The latter includes:

● Drip coffee maker.
● Pressure cooker.
● French press.
● Aeropress.
● Pour-over.
● Chemex.

3. Choose the Degree of Roast

There is a different degree of roast for each method: medium roast for the espresso machine and light roast for the alternative. We do not recommend using dark roasted grains because they give off excessive bitterness.

4. Pay Attention to the Freshness of the Bean

It is ideal if it has been roasted for a week to 1.5 months, at the height of its potential. However, excellent flavor grain retains 6 months.

5. Follow Your Taste Preferences

Some people like a more even and clear taste with chocolate and nuts notes, some are more interested in beans with different acidity: green apple, orange, etc. If you choose a grain coffee, grind it just before brewing, so the beans retain their flavor and aroma longer.

What Kind of Coffee to Choose for a Coffee Pot

Ideal for this method is lightly roasted beans. Grind plays an important role: for a coffee pot coffee must be ground to dust, which is as fine as possible.

How to Choose Ground Coffee

The optimal solution, if you don’t have the ability to grind beans at home, is to buy ground coffee or ask a coffee shop to grind the beans. To understand which ground coffee tastes better, examine the factors we described above: type of bean (Arabica or Robusta), degree of roasting, freshness, and grind. Ask your barista or look at the packaging to see what kind of beans are ground.

Coffee Like has assembled a line of coffees in beans suitable for different brewing methods. For example, Brazil Cerrado mono blend is recommended for espresso machines and geyser coffeemakers. This is a coffee without excessive acidity, aromatic and balanced, with notes of roasted nuts, bitter chocolate, and caramel. All other mono-grade coffees are perfect for filter coffee, and you can learn about the taste, grind, and fine points of brewing from baristas at any Coffee Like coffee bar.

Have a delicious coffee for all!


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