4 Ways to Make Money From Your Damaged or Non-Running Car


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When your car is no longer roadworthy, what many people do is put it in their backyard. The non-running car may join other useless junk in your outdoor space. However, an unroadworthy car is not a worthless one. Despite its age or non-running status, you can still make money from a broken car.

Privately or selling a non-running car is not an easy task. Nore is using it as part exchange for a new car at a dealership. You may come across brokers who will seek to buy it at a cheap price and make big returns from it. If you are wondering what to do, here are some ways of turning your non-running car into cash:

Consider a trade-in deal

Maybe you are wondering how much is a non-running car worth? Probably, you want to get a new car. But you feel the worth of the broken car will not enable you to realize your dream. If you are in this situation, considering a trade-in deal is a one thought.

Many dealers will accept exchanging your damaged car with a new one. They will require you to top up with more money than you want to spend to complete the deal. However, this option is better than keeping your non-running car in your backyard.

Sell the car to a scrapyard

If trade-in is not a good option for you, selling the broken car to a scrapyard might be worth it. As you know, a car is metal junk. It has heavy metals that are worth some money. These scrap metals are bread and butter for some people.

The scrapyard owners might offer to take away the car from your yard. Often the prices offered barely cover the cost of transporting the car to their yard. So, you can consider this approach as a way of disposing of the old or non-running car. But don’t expect a lot.

Cash each part of the car

Sometimes, you may feel like the scrapyard dealers are ripping you off. They will make a lot of money from your car yet they didn’t contribute to owning it. If this is your case, you can consider cashing each part of the car. All you need is to look for spare part buyers in your area or online. Then, break down the car into various parts and sell each of them to willing buyers.

Sell your broken and/or non running car online

Nowadays there are some online car buyers you can find through Google who will give you a quote online to buy your car. Some even specialize in damaged vehicles. This is a great choice to consider and certainly at least worth getting a free online quote. The ones who specialize in damaged cars will often include collection of the car in their offer.

Also, some buyers can offer you a bad deal that is far much below your non-running car’s worth. So, selling online to a nationwide or local car buying company can offer you a chance to make more profit than what these buyers offered to you.

As you can see, you do not have a reason to keep that non-running car idle in your backyard. Considering the above ways will help you transform it into cash. Unless you have a classic car the price is only likely to go down and become more of an eyesore as rust inevitably settles in.


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