7 Content Strategies to Write an Impressive Resume in a Hurry



Writing a resume requires both skill and smartness. You need to present your attributes in a way that attracts the hiring manager. People say that placing keywords within your resume help when the software bot screens the CV. Check out these tips on how to write a great resume.

Showcase Your Unique Achievements

If you are confused about writing a resume on your own, then hire resume services online. But in case you want to do the job on your own, make sure you follow the right format. More importantly, display your unique achievements in the CV. Your employer should be able to see the achievements mentioned in the document quickly. Don’t just hand over your resume that was written six months ago. Tweak it a bit, highlight the latest achievements with a slight font change, or make it bold. The hiring manager only gives about 10 seconds to one resume. It should click with him/her, and they should instantly consider you for the role.

Put Relevant Information on Top

Don’t put just everything in your resume, or it will look cluttered. Not every job you held should be described in your CV. The hiring manager is particularly scanning through your resume to see if the job fits you. If you are writing your resume in a hurry, you must look for information that would interest the employer. Read the job posting carefully and make changes in your resume accordingly. Highlight key achievements and skills that your employer is particularly looking for in a candidate. You can gauge that by merely looking at the job posting. Also, scan the job for keywords. For instance, if it is a writing job, write words like ‘Experienced Content Writer’ or ‘Content Creator.’ It is like that the hiring manager would be looking for a content writer, and your CV would come on top. But, hiring managers won’t spend a lifetime on your resume; they will take a minute or two to skim through your profile. It should be good enough time for them to get impressed by your CV. This means you must highlight relevant achievements that fit the job posting and present them on top.

Don’t show your age

If you are a student who is good at writing urgent essays, then you can write an impeccable resume. The trick is to highlight the achievements in a positive light, but if your achievements show that you are an older person, you might not be offered a job. Employers are looking for fresh and energetic candidates. Although they keep saying that experienced professionals are needed, age can be a disadvantage in some jobs. If that is the case with you, and even though the employer has written in the job posting that age, race, color, and creed don’t matter, it is wise not to show your age in the resume. Work on writing and present yourself in a way that age is not reflected within the resume. You can skip the year when you graduated and instead highlight the most recent achievements. This helps highlight your achievements while not showcasing your age as you will appear too old for the job.

Use a professional template

One of the best resume tips for college students is to choose a successful example and follow a professional format. Students who are writing a resume for the first time can find it quite daunting to write a CV independently. Since they can’t afford to hire a writing service, it is best to rely on free sources. You can download a professional-looking resume template available for free and write a great resume by filling out each section. Go for professional-looking fonts that are not italicized or all caps. Make sure it reflects maturity and professionalism so that any severe employer instantly thinks of hiring you.

A Unique Resume for Different Jobs

If you are versatile and multi-skilled, then maybe you can have different resumes for each job posting. One of the best resume strategies is to make a customized and unique CV for that particular job role. For that particular writing job, you can create a CV highlighting achievements and awards related to your writing. If you happen to be a business graduate and writing is your passion, then maybe you can create another resume for a Business Development Manager role in a multinational company. This way, you can land the job you want. If you write all your skills in one CV, it will not look suitable for any role, and you will present yourself as a jack of all trades and master of none. Be wise and smart when reaching out to the employer. You want to create a good lasting impression on the hiring manager.

Send Resumes Properly

Don’t just type and send it away. Always proofread and edit. If you have an experienced sibling or relative at home who can guide you in a better way, then show the resume you have drafted. They might give you a suggestion or two. If you have to email your resume, write a proper cover letter and address it to the hiring manager. Put your contact information. It should include your professional email address, phone number, and a remote position, then a skype address. Present your critical skills on top along with the contact information under your name.

When sending via courier, make sure you read all the required documents that need to be sent along with the resume. Even if you are in a hurry, don’t skip this part. Your CV won’t be considered if it doesn’t fulfill all the requirements the employer wants. Attach all relevant academic certificates, recommendations, and then courier it to the address given in the job posting. Be careful about the deadline and the ‘last date to submit.’ Most employers don’t acknowledge a CV that is received late. Make sure your resume is delivered before the deadline ends. If the deadline is quite near and you don’t have time to write a compelling resume, then hire an urgent essay writing service who will do the job for you and that too, satisfactorily.

So, this guide on writing a resume on your own will help you land the right job. Make sure you follow all the tips and tricks mentioned above. Remember, the hiring manager is a busy person and is only going to glance at your CV – make sure you impress him straightaway.


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