Vital Things to Consider When Planning Your Beach Wedding


beach wedding

Nothing can beat a beach wedding setup when it comes to exchanging vows with your one and only. An idyllic backdrop coupled with a sense of space, beach weddings are also an absolute favorite of photographers who get an opportunity to use the natural beauty with the wedding setup to click stunning photographs and video footage.

If you and your significant other want to make it an ethereal dreamy affair, then a beach wedding will be the ideal choice. Now, to pull off this dreamy affair of a lifetime, there are certain crucial things you have to consider to make it seamless and perfect. So let us find out the ‘real-world’ things that can add that dreamlike touch to your beach wedding.

First of all, legalities

Yes, certain things like the legal regulations need to be cleared off when you are selecting the beach wedding venue. If it is a destination wedding in a foreign land, considering the legalities becomes extra important. Starting from permits to legal contracts, you have to make sure everything is in order.

Next, light and sound

When planning beach weddings, it may seem daunting for the organizers to efficiently get the decorations done. More than anything else, the main worry is to arrange for electricity, to light up the area perfectly. These worries are, however, superfluous mostly because there is always the option of using a 1000kva generator that noiselessly provides ample energy for the light and sound arrangements at a beach wedding.

There are hundreds of ways to set up decorative lighting. Candles in glass jars look beautiful and contemporary. Just buy some pure wax candles and put them inside the jars by holding their wicks. The jars should be tall enough to prevent the candles from getting blown out due to the wind. Battery-powered LED candles are also a great option as they remain powered for hours. Of course, string lights are immensely popular and add a dreamy touch to your beach wedding decor. They also have low energy requirements making them perfect options for adding pizzazz to your wedding.

Make sure to install the right sound equipment so that your guests can also hear while you exchange vows. And then when it comes to playing music, you might have to arrange for extra equipment in case your designated music artists do not bring theirs along.

Weather and attire

Make sure to conduct thorough research about the weather forecast. If necessary, don’t hesitate to keep a backup plan at an indoor venue, in case the weather plays foul with rains, strong winds, or even high tides at the beach. Of course, your wedding dress code must surely complement the beach ambiance. For instance, gusty winds and golden sands call for going barefoot instead of shiny black shoes or heels. Make sure to consider a dress code that suits both of you and your guests as well.

Apart from these few things, the available parking space and décor items, must also be considered for a wholesome wedding experience. Make sure to select décor ideas that are windproof but also add beauty to the overall idea of your dreamy wedding.


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