5 Areas of Balance to Create a Healthy College Lifestyle


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Any student heading for college often hopes they will make the most of their time there. Getting the most out of college benefits a student towards having a healthy lifestyle. A healthy college lifestyle is a combination of different factors, such as:

• Academics
• Social life
• Finances
• Physical health
• Extracurriculars

For a college student to get a worthy college experience, one has to create a healthy balance between the different areas of one’s life.


Academics should always come first. The main reason any student goes to college is to complete their course and get their degree. Degrees are not automatic and require a student to work hard for them. As a student, your learning should hold priority over your social and extracurricular activities.

A lot of students don’t get to complete their college degrees because they get distracted in college and lose sight of their goals. So, plan your time appropriately and always ensure that you don’t fall behind on your coursework.


A healthy lifestyle means being able to maintain yourself financially. In college, a lot of students take the chance to be independent. Whether you still receive financial support from guardians or not, learning financial responsibility early serves you in the future.

So, you can decide to earn some extra money by getting a job to have a little extra to spend. Furthermore, college is one of the best times to save money because there is less responsibility for a student.

Social Life

In college, students get to meet people from different walks of life. Who you are as a person determines your social life. Some students prefer their own company, and some look forward to making friends. As an essay writer, you choose what your story will be when in college.

College is where individuals meet people who might feature in the rest of their lives. A lot of friendships in college continue past the graduation years. It’s always good to make friends in college, but it is not a requirement, so it all comes down to what one wants. Have a social life, but don’t let it interfere with your studies.

Physical Health

Collegians need to have a lot of energy to face each day. So, one needs to take care of their physical health. It is by maintaining a healthy diet that does not always involve fast foods. Working out also helps a lot in terms of health and losing weight. Also, try getting adequate sleep to rest and help you focus when in class.


Participate in extracurricular activities that interest you. When you are free, take up a hobby and find something you enjoy doing. You can even join a sport. Extracurricular activities help with stress release while still providing some sense of belonging. You can join clubs and also do volunteer work in your free time.

Final Thoughts

A college is a place where a lot of individuals go to rediscover and sometimes reinvent themselves. There is a lot of choice and freedom involved. So, as a student, you should figure out who you want to be while you are there. Don’t be too afraid of getting out of your comfort zone; it is how one gains life experience.


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