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Blackjack has since moved from the tables of brick and mortar casinos to the screens of smartphones all thanks to the increasing popularity of online casinos. Whether you prefer to play against an opponent or you’re more interested in simulated blackjack games, you can get the best of both worlds with online blackjack.
Online blackjack also provides a whole bunch of benefits you can’t get on land-based casinos:

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When it comes to accessibility, online blackjack is far more preferably than the land-based option. Aside from the flexibility that comes with online blackjack and pretty much any online casino game, you also get more than just the basic gaming options, unlike land-based casinos. This saves you the time and cost of travelling to a casino to play your favourite blackjack game (unless you live close to one). All you need to start gaming is your login details, a stable internet connection, and your wager.

Perfect for Newbies

With brick & mortar casinos, you don’t get any handbook, tutorials, or instructions to tell you how the game is played and what you need to do to win. If you’re a new or inexperienced player, you would have to learn to master the game of blackjack by losing a few times (in some cases, a lot of times). With online blackjack, things are a lot different and your odds are better.

Online casinos offer short tutorials to players to understand the game and experiment until they build the right strategies and gain the necessary skills. Some casinos go as far as offering demo or free play practice blackjack games. These games are similar to the paid versions. The only difference is that you won’t spend a dime to play.


The thrills and excitement of being in a land-based casino erode quickly when you have to deal with the noise and rowdiness of the area. And for a game like blackjack that requires a lot of concentration, this can come as a big let down especially for newbies trying to get the hang of the game. But thanks to online blackjack, you don’t have to go through all that. While playing online blackjack, you don’t feel the pressure of playing big on your first wager or the distress that comes with a loss. The web environment is entirely free from onlookers making it the ideal platform for all gamers included seasoned gamblers.

Lower Stake Limits

Low minimum stake limits are a big attraction for most players, especially those trying to keep things safe. In casinos, you would have to take a long walk around the table area till you get the right one that fits your budget. However, you might get there and find that table already occupied. This is why online casinos are simply the best option. With them, you get to enjoy lower stakes on games (whether virtual or live), and you get a lot of blackjack variants to choose from. This means there would be always a vacant spot for you to make a wager regardless of your budget. On online casinos, minimum bets go for as low as $0.50 per hand with the choice of single or multi-hand games.

Newbie Bonuses

If you’re new to the world of online casino gaming then you are in for a treat. Online casinos do a lot more than land-based casinos to attract new players. They offer generous newbies bonuses, though with several rules attached. Still, these bonuses give newbies an advantage. You can sign up, meet the minimum deposit requirement, claim your bonus, and then go on to make a wager.

In some online casinos, table games like blackjack feature specific bonuses (this is most common with live online blackjack).

Live Online Blackjack

When online casinos started shooting up from every corner, they were just offering a few slots and table games. Well, a lot has changed today. Casino sites have been able to meet the demand for live casino sections that allow players to game with human croupiers rather than virtual ones. The feature is readily available on most leading casino sites. These casino sites partner with some of the biggest industry software providers to allow players to deal and interact with croupiers. The set-up is similar to that of a land-based casino, so you can enjoy a full casino experience without stepping your foot in an actual casino.

Existing Players Get Their Own Shares

Online casinos offer constant incentives, bonuses, and promotions to keep existing players in. These promotions could be match bonuses, daily top-ups, and give away prizes for players that meet certain criteria. To spice things up, some casinos include a rewards program. This program rewards loyal players with points that can be cashed in for bonus money.


As online casinos continue to step up their offers, and features, the great divide between online casino blackjacks and land-based blackjacks is becoming less visible. With time, online casinos would overtake their land-based counterparts as the preferred gaming destination.


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