Technology Continues to Push the Betting Industry Forward



There are millions of people up and down the UK who enjoy placing a wager on the upcoming sport.

The betting industry has no shortage of customers thanks to that. But even more are turning to sports betting, or placing more bets, because of the technological advancements that the industry has used to its advantage.

Technology helps many industries, but there is no doubt that the betting industry has received a lot of help, and more importantly, they have capitalised on it.

The world changed when online betting began to flourish, you could place bets from home rather than heading to a local betting shop to put a wager on. Now, after even more help from technology, you don’t even need to be at home to place your bets.

Mobile Betting Apps Offer the Ultimate Convenience

Many of the top bookmakers such as those listed at offer a mobile betting app for their customers to use. This takes away the need to be at home.

You can use your betting app at home, and many do, just so they can stay on the sofa while betting rather than going to the computer.

However, the real value here is the ability to bet while you are out. The betting app gives customers a bookmaker in their pocket, with just your phone and a connection to the internet needed.

The vast majority of people take their phone everywhere with them, and many have a plan with their mobile provider that includes a data allowance to go on the internet.

Technology that has been used to develop both mobile phones and internet speeds have gone into this. Without these, the apps we have in place would be too complex for the phones we have, or the internet would not be stable enough to trust for financial transactions.

Live Betting & Streaming

The betting industry is changing thanks to live sports events being available to bet on. Rather than placing your bets in the morning or even the day before ahead of the event, you can now bet during play if you wish.

This has completely transformed things and can all be found on a completely separate section on each bookmaker’s website.

The only way that bookmakers can offer live betting is because they have feeds from the games they are covering, which are available down to great advancements in technology.

With many members of the public showing signs they are not going to be heading out too often to live events following the Covid-19 pandemic, staying at home to watch sport and bet could be the best way forward.

What Further Changes Could We See in the Future?

There is one big technological advancement that we have seen used already, but not used by the betting industry.

This is voice recognition software, something that anyone with an Alexa device or similar will have used in the past.

Rather than logging on and choosing the horses or football teams you want to bet on, could we see a scenario where you spoke into your betting app to give the selection?

Could we see this type of software added to the betting apps we already have, or could they become compatible with Alexa and allow people to bet through Alexa?

There seems to be nothing appearing shortly, but voice activation software is continuing to grow and with bookmakers seemingly ready to stay ahead of the times regarding technology, they will want to use it.

Whatever happens in the near future, the betting industry has taken advantage of technology in the past, and they are likely to do so in the future.


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