What Does Your Mom Really Want for Mother’s Day?


Mother's Day flowers

The coronavirus pandemic has had a dramatic effect on our relationship with our mothers. A lot of moms, especially those who are a bit older or suffering from medical conditions that put them at risk of developing COVID-19, are in quarantine, unable to meet with us in person. And if mom lives far away – travel restrictions will make it very difficult to even get close to her.

This is shaping up to be a Mother’s Day like no other before.

For some of us it has been months since we’ve last seen mom. At time when we need our mommy more than ever and let’s admit it – our mommies probably need us more than ever as well.

So how do we celebrate the most important person in our lives while still maintaining social distancing and keeping her safe? Easy. Send her stuff online. But try and be creative – this is your mother after all, and she deserves it.

Send her a beautiful flower delivery online. Did you know that with events getting canceled, restaurants and hotels shutting down – flower growers have been especially badly hit by the coronavirus pandemic? This is a fantastic way to make your mother happy and help support the hard-working men and women of this field. Splurge on an enormous arrangement! Go overboard. Just make sure mom isn’t allergic…

Food is also a perfect choice. Restaurants are struggling to stay in business by expanding their delivery services. Choose one of your mom’s favorite places and have them deliver a perfect meal right to her doorstep. Even better – buy a gift certificate off the restaurant so you and your mom can go to dinner after the pandemic is over! Even best – do both!

Online Mother’s Day cards are the obvious choice. But hey – try and find ones that are a little bit out-of-the-box and will not only move mom, but also make her smile. We recommend looking up an online Mother’s Day card that don’t shy away from the issue of the coronavirus pandemic, but rather deal with it head on through humor and satire. This can help ease up some anxiety and will fit nicely with the zeitgeist.

Buy mom a Netflix/ Amazon/ Hulu/ Apple TV/ etc. subscription. A lot of our moms are stuck in the past, watching linear TV, or still depending on cable television alone like barbarians. They’ve been spending so much time at home in quarantine they’re probably sick of everything that’s on already. What a perfect opportunity to introduce new content into their life. Bring her up to speed and into our world of compulsive binge watching.

Buy mom a gaming console. Imagine you and your mom playing Halo, Call of Duty or Fortnite together. Who knows, maybe she’ll get super into it and you’ll be able to yell at her for spending too much time playing video games in a complete reversal of traditional roles. Wouldn’t that be something?

Whatever you do – keep in mind the thing your mom wants most this Mother’s Day is to see your face. But as long as you can’t do that in person – try to think of a gift that is as cool and as pandemic-relevant as possible.


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