How to Detail Your Own Car at Home



For many, cars are more than just a means of transport and travel. Cars can become a passion, and for some, spending time looking after their own vehicles becomes a hobby. Let’s find out how you can keep your pride and joy looking its best with a detailing experience from the comfort of your own home. Read on and find out more.

What will You Need for the Job?

Firstly, it’s essential to get together all the necessary tools and products you’ll need to detail your car. You’ll be requiring a bucket, sponges, car soap, microfibre towels wheel cleaner, car polish & wax & scratch removal polish. This is an essential list that could be more extensive, but all the above will be necessary to get the job done. If you’re not sure about detailing your own car from home and would instead leave it to the experts, get in touch with ACH Mobile Car Detailing Kansas City for a professional touch with years of experience in caring for cars.

Start with the Wheels

Fill a bucket of hot soapy water and make a start with the wheels and tires. Wheels collect a considerable amount of road grime and brake dust through regular use and will take some serious elbow grease to clean to a showroom condition. Top Tip: Leave the wheels soaped up to let the build-up of brake dust soften before proceeding to clean with a stiff wheel brush. Get some in-depth tips on how to clean your wheels in this guide from Auto geeks.

Wash the Car Bodywork

Fill a fresh bucket with car soap and get started on the bodywork. This is a crucial stage in the process of detailing your own car at home, and it’s worth taking a little more time and attention to ensure you get it right. It’ might even be worth rinsing and repeating to make sure you’ve cleaned your car properly, as this will help when it comes to polishing later. Top Tip: Avoid leaving sponges on the floor as even small stones or grit can be picked up and cause severe scratches to the paintwork.

Scratch Repair and Removal

One of the most significant differences between a standard car wash and a detailing is the removal of light scratches from paintwork. By using a buffing pad and scratch removal polish, it’s possible to remove even significantly noticeable scratches from the paintwork of your car, bringing it back to the way it looked in its showroom days. Take your time and carefully work over the car front to back so as not to miss anything, and pretty soon, your car will be looking fresher than it has for years. Find out exactly how scratch removal polish works in this article by Wired.

Polish and Wax

For an expert finish, applying polish and wax is the way to go, and it adds a glimmering shine to your pride and joy. Apply an even coat of polish and buff over the paintwork with either a buffing pad or a microfibre towel. Wax can be applied, lastly, providing a protective layer to paintwork from the elements while adding a shiny finish.


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