Beginner’s Guide to Off-Road Night Driving



Off-road driving is one of the great joys of outdoor life, and it’s a big reason for many of the investments in truck upgrades you see advertised around your favorite driving forums. If you’re moving into two tracking with a truck or SUV from a sport like dirt bike racing or off-road ATV competitions, you probably already know how muddy and rough things can get out in the wild. What you need to know is how to get your truck set up for service, because the mods you need are very different from the ones that are made for small engine motor sports. Luckily, there is an easy place to start, because you’ll find a huge community online where you can get help from more experienced hobbyists.

• Forums dedicated to off-road driving
• Review sites covering mods
• Reddit and other online discussion communities
• Facebook groups and other communities on social networking sites

Check out your options, you’ll probably find something that caters to people in your area, so you can also use your online resources to meet locals who are interested in getting out on the trail at night.

Build Your Night Driving Rig To Purpose

If you build your off-road vehicle to the purpose of night driving, you will always be ready to take off after dark and your lights can be switched off during the day. If you focus on making it a great daytime runner, though, you run the risk of being unprepared for those epic night rides. So what makes it a good night runner? It starts with visibility, so make sure the LED lights for truck builds like yours are going to give you the forward and peripheral visibility that will keep you safe on the trail. As with any off-road experience, night driving is only safe for as far as you can see, so better lighting and better visibility mean you can pick up the speed some.

Tires To Cover Ground

Of course, you’ll also need some staples for off-road rigs that apply equally to day and night driving. All terrain wheels will help you have a consistent driving experience even if the ground under you changes character, and you’ll also want to consider an off road roof rack. Not only will it give you extra options for stowing gear and carrying extras like kayaks and bikes, it also opens up your options for custom mounted lights. That roof rack could easily provide you with the anchor points you need to light up the night so you can tear through your favorite trails at a speed that scratches your adventure itch.

Design Around Your Ride

There are a lot of aftermarket accessories and upgrades that can help you have a better time on the trail, no matter when you go off-road. Many of them are fit to the vehicle, though, so you’ll need to check the fitment for your truck, SUV, or Jeep before you decide. Luckily, that kind of thing gets easier when you’ve got a wide selection of parts and accessories at your fingertips, with delivery options that suit your schedule.


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