D&Y Men’s Hats for Wind, Rain, Sleet… and Las Vegas


As the temperatures begin to dip, D&Y is out with new hats for men.  Stylish men interested in men’s lifestyle know that it’s the season to pull out the trench, overcoat, puffer, utility vest or parka.

We asked special Correspondent Garry Floyd to take a selection of D&Y’s new offerings with him on a trip to Las Vegas to see if they could hang. This is his experience.

Baggage “Claimed” – McCarran International Airport

When I travel, comfort is paramount. Arriving at McCarran International Airport – Las Vegas, I wanted a comfortable unpretentious style that didn’t make me a target tourist. At the same time, I needed a look that respected the glam that is Las Vegas.

Even baggage claim, besieged with black-tied, digital sign-holding chauffeurs, commands a certain amount of style – if you’re about it.

David & Young’s tan Zig Zag Brushed Fabric brim paired with coordinated zip-up and comfortable drawstring lightweight cargo pants made for a perfect Vegas reception. It had to happen.

“Show up ready and you don’t have to get ready,” my momma always said.

Next Stop, Style – The Venetian Las Vegas

For this look, I had to find a house – that’s what we Vegas natives call the hotels here – oozing distinguished style.

If you don’t find inspiration to suit up from a resort boasting its own Venice-inspired meandering canals and hand-painted ceiling of the Grand Colonnade, then you’re beyond help.

I quite literally stumbled upon this larger-than-life LOVE sculpture by artist Laura Kimpton as part of her Monumental Word Series. The installation, perforated with bird-shaped stamps, spells “LOVE” in steel, ruby red letters that rise 12 feet tall and collectively span 36 feet across, creating a memorable experience.

I couldn’t resist falling in line with selfie enthusiasts and photography buffs to capture this moment. Thanks to David & Young’s Black and Grey, I was chapeau ready! I paired this with a simple black-and-white houndstooth blazer with apropos Gondolier-inspired red pocket square.

Can’t find LOVE in Vegas? I beg to differ.

What Happens in Vegas…! – Fremont Street Experience

Nearing the end of my shoot, I simply had to give you a taste of the Fremont Street Experience – downtown Las Vegas! You like block parties? Then multiply that times infinity! From its mindblowing visuals, free Viva Vision light shows, live bands (yes, that’s plural), SlotZilla Zip Line and streets filled with artists, geeks and freaks, Vegas couldn’t have named this spot any better.

As an avid people watcher, of course I was all in! Only the David & Young’s lid versatile enough to throw it back and hold on tight for the ride was invited to this revelry. Introducing the Pinstripe Ivy with Elasta Fit.

Worn forward or back, this hat was ready for anything. Even the headdres-adorned Vegas Girls wanted to get a leg up on this action!

In closing, dressed up, down and anything in between, David & Young really had me covered in stylish, unpretentious sophistication. This time, “What happens in Vegas” is okay to convey. You’re welcome!

David & Young is the best versatile headgear I’ve ever sported in Sin City!

Check out all the hats by clicking here. 


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