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Back in the old days, when land-based casinos where the only option for slots fans, games looked a lot simpler and every game looked like the next one. Times were a lot simpler for slot developers, but things were a lot duller if you were a slots fan looking for a bit of variety.

Fruity symbols, bells, 7s and bars, that was what slot games of the past were all about. Winning combinations were few and, in most cases, games featured just a single payline where you had to get three instances of the same symbol across the only payline for a win.

While it is true that slots are casual games of chances, where the expectation and the suspense are the key elements, it doesn’t mean that there should be no exciting symbols, in-game features such as bonuses and even a plotline.

If you’re new to online slots, it might come as a surprise to you that slot games come with a plotline, but it is exactly like that, modern online slots are often based on stories, feature characters and heroes, much like conventional video games.

Of course, there are also games that don’t follow a particular storyline, but just are colourful and vivid, like NetEnt’s Starburst slot, but it is safe to say that this game is more an exception than a rule. With the new developments in the online gambling world, and the emergence of the first slot games that feature multiple levels where players can save their progress, as well as virtual reality online slots, we can expect the slot theme variety to get broader. More diversity is always good because that means catering to the needs of more players.

Egyptian themed slots

Ancient Egypt is the most common inspiration for online slots developers, we are not sure exactly why, but it is possible to say, with a high degree of certainty when did it all begin. It was the first Cleopatra online slot that started a trend. This slot was released long ago, way back in 2006, and surprisingly, it is still popular and played up to this day.

Pyramids, pharaohs, sphinxes are all very common in the world of online slots, but while we can say that Ancient Egypt is one of the most frequently used themes, it is fair to note that it is not the most unusual theme. After all, Ancient Egypt has always been associated with a level of mysteriousness which makes it a suitable theme for slot games.

Egypt isn’t the only nation commonly featured in slot games; one modern nation is probably as often featured in slot games – Ireland. For some reason, Ireland and the Irish have long been associated with luck, you are probably familiar with the phrase ‘Luck of the Irish’ and that has been reflected in the online slots that have been developed in the past decades.

Superhero slots

This may not seem like the most common theme for online slots, but superheroes have been featured in quite a few online slots developed in the past decade or so. It may not seem like the most usual option for this type of games, but as we mentioned in the introductory paragraph, games nowadays can be based on any possible theme you can think of, so much to the delight of fans of superhero comics, stories and films, plenty of slots featuring superhero characters have been developed, including Hulk, Wolverine, The Avengers, Iron Man, Wonder Woman and many more.

History Slots

Historical characters and battels from bygone eras were usually featured in strategy games, rarely in other video game genres, and it might seem that King Artur, and medieval warriors have nothing to look for on the reels of online slots, but in fact, quite a few such slots have been released over the years and some of them have proven to be the most popular and most played online slots.

Politics Slots

This is, perhaps, the most unusual type of online slots, but there are online slots based on political characters and events. There are few slots that feature Donald Trump, which kind of makes sense, since before becoming President, he was a casino owner.


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